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They went to the conference room and saw that the employees were all trying to run away while creating chaos while the two police officers on the scene were desperately trying to maintain order.

Chen Shi went over and cautioned, “You all need to remain calm! Are you guys trying to attack the police?”

It wasn’t clear who caused it, but a chair leg found its way towards Chen Shi’s head in the chaos, and a few drops of blood began to run down his head.

Chen Shi was so angry that he kicked a pot-plant in the corridor. When the pot made a bang due to the contact made, the crowd suddenly calmed down. Chen Shi’s face, which was covered in blood, looked very fierce and intense. He sternly reprimanded them without raising his voice. “Don’t think the police don’t know what you all did on the night of the 4thof October. No matter how much trouble you all create now, it’s just the act of a dog jumping over the wall[1]. Nobody can help you now. The only way out of this is to cooperate with the police and to look out for yourself!”

The employees dipped their heads down one by one as if they were primary school students that had done something wrong. This was especially true for the male employees. Their expressions were particularly flustered.

Lin Dongxue glanced at the men. There were ten men present. That is to say, at least five of the men present were involved in the rape of the deceased.

The staff members were taken back to the conference room. Chen Shi used another trick that was up his sleeve. He told the guards to take off their coats and expose their guns with live ammunition. The people who were guilty would usually confess readily after seeing the guns.

Shortly after, a male employee wearing glasses was asked to be interrogated.

Lin Dongxue took out a facial tissue for Chen Shi and asked, “Would you like to go to the hospital to get yourself checked?”

Chen Shi touched his head in the place where he was cut and shrugged. “It’s nothing. I just need to go wash the wound a bit in the bathroom.”

After a while, Chen Shi placed a band aid on his head and returned to the office. The male employee was surrounded by Xu Xiaodong, Lin Dongxue, and Peng Sijue. He looked like he was in the position of a criminal back in the day in the royal courts where there were three officials holding a trial. He kept rubbing and playing with his hands nervously.

Chen Shi whispered to ask Xu Xiaodong, “What is his number?”

“No. 6!”

This was the number labelled on their paper cups earlier. Chen Shi remembered that this person was also one of the people involved in the rape.

He glanced at the name tag on the male employee's chest and questioned, “You are Luo Xiaohui, right? Are you acquainted with Xiao Li?”

“No, I’m not.” It was still the same answer they got earlier.

“Did your manager threaten or bribe you? Did he forbid anyone from telling the truth? But now that your manager has been detained, who’s going to re

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