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The next day, Chen Shi sent his crashed car to the 4S shop for repair and took the bus to the bureau.

October 7th. The headless female corpse case had just been opened. In the morning, just after the case discussion meeting, Lin Qiupu was still firm on his beliefs. He believed that the case’s geography and evidence all pointed to the current unconscious wanted criminal. The investigation was carried out around Jia.

He also explained the work of Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong. The two were responsible for assisting Chen Shi in his part of the investigation. When they heard the news, they were both filled with excitement. One was because Lin Qiupu finally changed his attitude and was willing to cooperate with Chen Shi. The other was excited to be partners with Lin Dongxue.

When Chen Shi came, the two waited for him at the door of the city bureau. Xu Xiaodong said with high spirits, “Has brother Chen had breakfast? I’ll treat you!”

“Why are you so happy?” Chen Shi asked with a smile.

“Of course, I am happy! I am going to investigate the case with brother Chen. I am free and have a chance to make a meritorious deed, and...” He gave a meaningful look at Lin Dongxue.

“Don’t be so giddy, it's not easy to investigate with me.”

“Understood, let’s go. I’ll treat you to food.”

“No, we need to make the most of our time. Let's determine the identity of the deceased today. Is Captain Peng back?”

Lin Dongxue said, “He is here. He’s beginning the dissection already!”

“He didn’t wait for me?!” Chen Shi rushed into the station.

In the forensic laboratory, Peng Sijue and another forensic doctor set up the video camera and were recording the data of the body. Chen Shi stood outside the curtain and asked, “Captain Peng, can I come in?”

“Change clothes!”

“Don’t dissect yet.”

Chen Shi put on a disinfected protective suit. Xu Xiaodong stood outside and nervously said, “I don’t think I’ll participate in this autopsy!”

Lin Dongxue put a scented facial tissue on the inside of her mask and said, “Just do this!”

Xu Xiaodong smiled bitterly. “I can't stand looking. I’ll be outside if you need anything, contact me anytime.”

“You call the police stations in various districts and ask if there are any missing people who meet the characteristics of the deceased.”

“Okay!” Xu Xiaodong walked out with relief.

Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue, “Are you not afraid?”

Lin Dongxue was a little hesitant. She said, “Afraid of this? How can I succeed in the future if I let this scare me?”

“Good job.”

The two entered the autopsy room, and Peng Sijue chided, “So slow!”

“Sorry, I changed my clothes and prolonged the time. Let me take a closer look at the body.”

“Yesterday, you said that the death time is more than forty-eight hours...”

“Was I mistaken?”

Peng Sijue said with a blank expression, “I have just measured the liver temperature and the death time should be more than fifty-eight hours from t

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