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When they came to the road, the scene was not as intense as Lin Dongxue and everyone thought. The gangsters were shrinking behind the flower beds by the roadside. The normal police officers and the traffic police were also hiding behind shrubs and flowers.

Not far from here, a VW Santana had knocked down a fruit stand by the road.

The arrival of the special police force was the same as the arrival of godly soldiers to the traffic control and standard officers. The group of brave men and women who were laughing previously immediately gestured and put up bulletproof shields, pushing the front line forward in an experienced manner.

“Come on! Keep up!” Lin Qiupu waved his men over. The criminal investigation policemen were hiding behind the SWAT team, as if they were forming three lines.

One of the captains of the special police force took out the microphone. “Put down your weapons and surrender. You are only carrying guns presently. You haven’t hurt anyone yet. If you hurt anyone or attack the police, you will be adding to your charges. Disarming yourselves immediately will be met with leniency.”

“Don't force us!” A gangster fired a shot at the sky. The gunshots scared a lot of criminal police officers, shaking them. The cars from the south suddenly stopped.

The SWAT captain continued, “It is impossible for us to retreat. I will repeat it again. Immediately disarm and surrender. If you want to do this the hard way, we will accompany you until the end. Let’s see if you have more bullets or if we have more skill.”

The other party didn't move. Lin Qiupu asked a traffic policeman, “What is the situation?”

“We saw this was car a bit suspicious, and so we stopped it. My colleague saw that there was a big box in the car and asked them to open it. It was full of cash. When the gangsters realized things were getting bad, they suddenly drove off, knocking down my colleague. After some chasing, we got here.”

“Are there any casualties?”

“Fortunately, there aren’t any. My colleague just fell and got some scrapes, but it’s nothing serious.”

Lin Qiupu nodded to the captain, “These people are related to the criminal cases we are currently investigating. If you can, try to take them alive.”

The captain nodded. “I will do my best to negotiate.”

At this time on the road behind the gangsters, out walked a group of kindergarten children led by a teacher. Everyone was shocked, it was already noon. Lin Qiupu rushed over there and waved, “Leave quickly! Danger!”

“Not good, the gangsters have moved!” The SWAT captain alerted. “If they try to take a hostage, we will immediately kill them.”

“It will scare children!” Lin Dongxue cried.

“I can't afford to worry about that!” he SWAT captain harshly stated.

The kindergarten teacher saw this scene and was too scared to scream. The children were screaming like frightened chickens as well. They suddenly became a mess. Behind the flower bed, a gangster was eager to

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