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Chen Shi parked the car downstairs from Lin Dongxue’s address and looked at the very ordinary apartment complex. “You live here?” He asked.

“Are you implying that where I live is bad, or is it that the location isn’t good? I’m just renting a place because it is close to work from here... I will go up on my own, don't follow me! I am not familiar with you so I’m not going to let you enter my house!”

“I’ll wait for you here then… You are just like your brother. You love to assume the worst in people!” Chen Shi smiled.

“We’re not the same. My brother is suspicious of others whereas I am just a normal young girl who's alert.”

“Twenty-five years old, the age of marriage, but you still refer to yourself as a young girl?”

“Looking for a fight?!” Lin Dongxue raised her fists.

“Spare me! Spare me!”

“Wait for me here!” After that, Lin Dongxue got out of the car.

Chen Shi lay on his steering wheel in a daze. A father and son came out of the little complex. The father held the toddler’s hands with a doting face. He cautioned, “Baby, slow down!”

Looking at them, Chen Shi’s thoughts drifted away and was oblivious to Lin Dongxue’s return. She knocked on the door and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Just daydreaming.” Chen Shi replied.

Lin Dongxue had changed into her normal formal clothes. She had put on a jacket that she usually wore and her hair was tied into a ponytail, making her look clean and neat. Chen also noticed that her face was not as white as before, indicating she had just done some light makeup.

“Let’s go!” said Lin Dongxue.

As they drove, Lin Dongxue asked, “Guess how my brother’s going to investigate this case like last time!”

“How he would investigate? Since it has been determined that an acquaintance committed the crime, it is nothing more than starting from interpersonal relationships. In reality, murder cases are often not due to love and emotional revenges. The usual intentions is due to nothing more than one word – benefits. So, your brother will focus the investigation on people that have a conflict of interest with the victims or people who had a dispute with the deceased. Then, he is most likely going to send you to investigate the witnesses.”

“How do you know my brother so well?”

“I don't know him, but he is easy to read.”

Lin Dongxue laughed. “You’re saying that my brother is stupid?”

“For someone of your brother's age to climb to such a position, there are two possibilities: One is that he is a genius, while the other is that he is a stupid bird that flies first."[1]

“Which one is my brother?”

“A stupid bird who thinks he is a genius.”

Lin Dongxue laughed loudly and smacked Chen Shi, saying, “Your reasoning is unreasonable. There is still another possibility. Perhaps through family relations?”

“There’s no chance that’s the case. Both your parents are dead. Where would the family networking come from?”

Lin Dongxue was shocked and asked, “Y

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