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After Chen Shi finished speaking, Gao Xiaohui became flustered, and she stood up, yelling, “You held blood in your mouth to squirt at me![1] This is all just speculation. How can you prove all that just from a piece of clothing? Either way, I have proof of my absence!”

Gao Xiaohui took out a receipt for the dinner again and handed it to Chen Shi. Chen Shi waved it down, “This paper holds no legal value unless there is another party to confirm it. How about you call those people you ate with to testify?”

Gao Xiaohui was very flustered and desperately thought of ways to refute Chen Shi, trying to hide her shaking hands.

“The evidence doesn’t stop here.” Chen Shi educated her, “You probably don't know this, but Gu Mengxing’s personal life isn’t that honest, so her boyfriend installed a tracker on her phone to see if she was cheating. You were holding her mobile phone at the time and moved around the scene twice, during which you were photographed by the hotel's surveillance. Besides, there was a witness to confirm this.” Chen Shi pointed to his nose with his thumb, “And that person is me! These two pieces of evidence are enough to form a chain of evidence, and there is also the ether. If we search in this hospital, we will find evidence of the mysterious disappearance of ether. Do you have anything else to say? Doctor Gao!”

Gao Xiaohui felt as though someone had taken away her spine and slowly laid her back down into her chair. Her eyes kept darting back and forth. Lin Dongxue was ready to take out her handcuffs when Chen Shi made a gesture to stop her in her tracks.

Chen Shi was waiting quietly when Gao Xiaohui changed her personality suddenly as if she was a different person. She gritted her teeth and looked up, “That damn bitch deserved to die! She took my boyfriend away from me!”

Chen Shi showed an expression of interest. He pulled a chair out, sat down, and asked, “Do you play the game too?”

“Chen Jun and I met in the game, and we talked about anything and everything. Later, he proposed that we meet up. I never had the experience of meeting someone from the Internet, so I brought Gu Mengxing to meet him with me just in case. I’ll regret that decision to my death. The first time we met, Chen Jun arrived at the appointment on time. Gu Mengxing and I spied on him not far away. I was very satisfied with him and was preparing to go to the meeting, but Gu Mengxing, this bitch, suddenly told me that her stomach hurt her and dragged me away.

“A few days later, I was prepared to make up my missed appointment. I re-appeared in the game to meet with Chen Jun, but he told me that he had already met me in person. At this time, I understood what was going on, and I confronted Gu Mengxing about it face to face. She lied at the beginning, but then she couldn't keep up the lie any longer and told me the truth. She chose Chen Jun as her target, pretended to be me, and lied by saying that she was my character. What boils my blood

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