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Lin Dongxue greatly understood her brother. He had never done anything immoral in his life, so it was logical to say that he would never raise his hand against the suspect; this was just his usual way of scaring them.

Unsurprisingly, Chen Shi was not frightened in the slightest. He wore a scornful smile and clapped his hands, “Turns out Captain Lin is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly person! Knowing that this interrogation is meaningless, you chose to switch off the recording system to lower your carbon footprint, huh?”

“Since you find so much humor in the situation, laugh while you can. I’m afraid you won’t be able to laugh very soon.” Lin Qiupu picked up a stack of printing paper and walked in front of Chen Shi, took a look at what was written on the document, and exclaimed, “Your resume sure is dense and exciting!”

Chen Shi glanced at him and challenged, “It’s what I’ve done in the past. What about it? This is the reason you doubt my word?”

“An ex-prisoner with such a terrible rap sheet harassed a beautiful female passenger at two in the morning. Then, the next day, she was raped and killed. What would you think if you were in my position?”

“I strongly disagree with you. The purpose of the government establishing prisons is to rehabilitate and transform people like myself, is it not? After going through a detour, if a person were able to support themselves legitimately after receiving the country’s rehabilitation, would that not be a positive example that deserves encouragement? Why, then, did it get turned into a reason to become suspected? If it’s as you say, logically, ex-cons such as I have to go back to our old, scheming ways, right?”

“Stop talking in circles and avoiding my questions. Answer me, what exactly did you do that night?”

Chen Shi furrowed his brows impatiently, “I’ve already stated it multiple times, but you’d rather die than believe me; I understand the way you think. The justice system in our country states that the guilty can still go to court with a defense attorney. However, I think that you also brought this policy into the interrogation room and that this would only lead to a large number of falsely implicated citizens and erroneous cases. Even if I walked into the police station by my own free will and admitted to murdering someone, the police would still need to find a thousand pieces of evidence before convicting me. Yet from what I can see now, you don’t even have a single piece of evidence in your hands. However, you are standing here with red lips and white teeth[1], threatening an innocent citizen into pleading guilty. How can you face the country’s criminal justice system with what you’re doing? How can you even bear to see yourself wearing that uniform? And what about the civilians? How can you even look at them?”

“You!” Lin Qiupu gasped and paced back and forth, grinding his teeth.

“Brother!” Lin Dongxue whispered as a reminder, fearing that Lin Qiupu would do so

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