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Looking at the scene of the murder, the police officers expressed their empathetic feelings, “It's too sad, the whole family is...”, “Long’An City has not had a family massacre tragedy for ten years!”, “What kind of animal would do such a monstrous act?”

This was undoubtedly a big case, the biggest case of this year. It was also the biggest case that Lin Qiupu has handled since he put on his police uniform. Lin Qiupu told them to take evidence carefully and not to miss any potential traces of the murderer. He himself walked back and forth through the scene.

Lin Qiupu picked up the TV remote control on the table and opened it. This house had a TV box installed. It showed that the last time it was used was last night at around 11:00pm. He called a policeman and instructed, “Go to the property manager and see if anyone suspicious entered after 11 o'clock last night.”

The body was in front of the bathroom, he came to the same conclusion as Lin Dongxue that the male owner was suddenly killed by the murderer hiding in the bathroom.

Lin Qiupu touched his chin and thought. If there were people watching TV at 11 o'clock, the murderer would have snuck in after this. At that time, the whole family slept, and the murderer was hiding in the bathroom. Then the male owner came back from work and was killed by the murderer. Then the murderer killed the old person in the second bedroom. The hostess must have heard the movement and was killed when she came out to see.

But why didn't he kill the child? Was the murderer soft?

What was the motive of murder? Revenge? Temporary impulsiveness?

At this time, a policeman came in and reported, “Captain Lin, we verified the information of this family from the neighbours. The male owner’s surname is Kong, called Kong Wende, who is a staff member of an insurance company; the female owner is surnamed Li. Li Yu was a full-time housewife. The two have a boy. Kong Wende is an immigrant and Li Yu is a local. When the two married, the woman’s family sold the house for the down payment. Kong Wende’s parents-in-law moved to live together with them. Around March of this year, Kong Wende’s father-in-law passed away due to stomach cancer. The one who died in this incident is his mother-in-law.”

“A very ordinary family, would they have bad blood with anyone? You go and investigate!” Lin Qiupu ordered.

The policeman had just left when another policeman came in and reported, “Captain Lin, around 11:30 last night, the surveillance photographed the male owner and a stranger coming in; around 12 o'clock, the person was photographed again. It looked like the same person judging by the height. I’ve already made a copy of the CCTV footage.”

“Did it capture his face?” Lin Qiupu asked eagerly.

The policeman shook his head. “The man seems to know the location of the surveillance cameras, he deliberately avoided showing the face, he wrapped himself in a scarf and was wearing a black sweater when he left.

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