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Upon hearing this, Lin Qiupu immediately raged and pointed to Chen Shi, interrogating him, “Do you want to...” He originally wanted to ask “Are you chasing after my sister?!” However, it would be out of character for him to say such things in the face of subordinates. Instead, he changed his words to, “What is your motive?!”

“My motive? It's very simple. I want to fight crime!”

“Do you think I would believe you?”

“Captain Lin, I know that you are a policeman. Suspecting everything is part of your job, so I won’t judge you. Can we stop talking about this sort of stuff? You won’t be able to understand no matter how long we talk about this! Why don’t we go back to the point? If you can create conditions, why can’t I do the same? A bet is only challenging when there is equal footing. Or are you scared that my analysis is more reliable than yours?”

He knew that Chen Shi was just trying to throw him off, but Lin Qiupu took the bait anyway. He argued, “Scared!? What big words. I have been a policeman for so many years, there are countless cases that I’ve handled. Why would I be scared of losing to you?”

“Then why don't you agree? Since you think I am incompetent, why not accept my terms?”

Lin Qiupu thought about it. Chen Shi only went around the scene of the crime for a little bit. He didn't go to the property management office to inquire about things, nor did he watch the surveillance footage. Therefore, he should have difficulty in drawing the conclusion that it was done by an acquaintance. If you only look at this scene, anyone would think that it is an outsider who committed the murders.”

A smile formed on his face again. “Okay, I promise then!”

“I hope Captain Lin will keep his current promise!” Chen Shi smiled slightly.

“Less nonsense, hurry up!”

“First of all, this is a family massacre tragedy. The murderer's killing order should be the first male owner, then the old lady, then the hostess. I don't know why the murderer let the child go...”

“Mr. Chen’s high opinion is really astonishing. I totally didn’t know that!” Lin Qiupu sneered sarcastically, thinking that these things were all he had to say.

Chen Shi ignored him and smiled, “Furthermore, this was done by an acquaintance.”

“What!?” Lin Qiupu widened his eyes. “You’re just guessing! That doesn’t count!”

“Guess? Then I will walk you through my reasoning process!” Chen Shi went to the door and pointed to the wall. “The average person that enters a room will turn on the light switch that would be next to the door, but this home has installed a remote control switch, you can look for it. There must be a remote control. When I came in, the light was off. The time of death of the deceased should be around 12 o'clock last night. The lights should have been on at the time. The murderer turned off the lights when they left, indicating that the murderer had been here before. Most likely they were a friend of this family, and he knew of this det

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