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The person getting investigated was provoked and angry, which scared Lin Dongxue. However, Chen Shi was unfazed and merely took one hand and pressed down on his shoulders. He stared straight at the boy, saying, “Do you know what we found on Gu Mengxing’s body?”

“What!?” The guy was confused.

Chen Shi whispered into his ear, “A sexually transmitted disease.”

The boy's face suddenly turned red up to the tips of his ears, and he glanced at Lin Dongxue, whispering, “Then... You were asking if she and I did... That type of stuff?”

“Sexual acts!”

The boy's face got redder and redder to the point where it resembled a ripe tomato. Under the unrelenting questioning of Chen Shi, he confessed while stuttering, “We opened a room together[1]after the company’s monthly meeting one time. It was getting late, so I escorted her home. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to go to a hotel, but I didn’t think she would actually agree to it. It was my first time, so I was a bit confused and anxious. Is this even related to the case?”

“Did you two use protection?”

“I put on a condom on during it.”

“Have you been infected with a sexually transmitted disease?”

“No, I have been very healthy.”

“When did this event happen?”

“Two months ago.”

After saying this, the man looked over Lin Dongxue and had an embarrassed expression on his face. Chen Shi patted his shoulder, “Thank you. This information is very beneficial for our investigation.”

“Officers, can I go now?”

“Right, another thing. When did Gu Mengxing have days off?”

“On Wednesdays!”

“Always on a Wednesday?”

The guy pondered over this for a while, and asked them to wait for a bit while he got their shift rosters before finally remarking, “The company arranged for her to take Mondays off, but she and Xiao Zhang swapped, so as of last year, she had Wednesdays off.”

Chen Shi looked at the roster and seemed to be lost in thought. He then asked, “Alright, one last question. What are her close friends like?

“Oh, I don’t know much about them.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Immediately after Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue left the office, Lin Dongxue asked, “Why do you want to inquire about her best friends? Do you suspect that the murderer is someone close to her?”

Chen Shi explained, “From the perspective of a criminal psychologist, the motive of female murderers is generally very clear-cut. It is related to personal interests, especially emotional ones. I am 90% sure that the woman in my car and Gu Mengxing were acquainted with each other.”

“Criminal psychology?” Lin Dongxue gazed at Chen Shi with an incredulous look on her face.

“Oh please, can’t a driver read books in his spare time? Stop questioning my acquired skill-set and professionalism, alright?”

“I wonder why you are so professional?” Lin Dongxue muttered to him. “Then, do you want to lock onto this suspect? Let’s begin by investigating the interpersonal relationships

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