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When they returned to the car, Chen Shi stretched and then pulled out a cigarette and asked, “Miss Police Officer, can I have one of these?”

“Do as you please!” Lin Dongxue said stiffly, “Oh yeah, I’ll pay you back right now.”

Chen Shi took out his phone and handed it over to her. On it was a QR code. Lin Dongxue was about to swipe over it to accept the money request when she noticed that the QR code was to add a new friend. She frowned, “What’s with this QR code? Who would want to add someone like you as a friend on WeChat?!”

Chen Shi smiled and inquired, “It’s just adding me as a friend on WeChat. What's the issue?”

“Who would want to add you on WeChat? You’re a murder suspect, so don’t play this game with me!” After a pause, Lin Dongxue asked, “What exactly is your motive?”

“What do you mean, ‘What’s my motive?’ I don’t have a motive.”

“You know full well what you’ve done! Besides, you’ve been scheming to get me to add you from the beginning. First, you pretended not to care about me being a police officer. Then, you tried to act like a nice person in front of me, and also tried to bait me with a free pair of shoes. Don’t think these can win me over! My colleagues have already investigated your background thoroughly.”

Chen Shi smiled bitterly, “I truly don’t know what I’ve done. Why don’t you enlighten me?”

“What were you doing on the night of September 10th?”

“I worked, ate with a few of my fellow driving buddies, then went home to take a shower and go to sleep.”

Lin Dongxue sneered, “Don’t think that I’ll believe you so easily. What else did you do?”

“You think the life of a driver like myself is rich and exciting? How about this, why don’t you remind me and help me recall whatever it is that I’ve supposedly done?”

“Enough with the act. You’re just trying to act all innocent. You can’t fool me!”

Chen Shi pressed the cigarette onto the ashtray and pointed at his face: “Look at this handsome face. Is this the face of a suspect?”

“Whether someone is a bad guy or not isn’t written on their faces!”

“That’s not necessarily true. It may not be explicitly written on one’s face, but there are ‘words’ requiring a keen eye to reveal if one is a bad character or not. For example, I could tell at a glance that the thief who grabbed the lady’s bag just now was very wary and flustered, unlike a regular citizen.”

The phone rang, and Lin Dongxue saw that her brother had sent a few messages in the time that they had left the car, asking why she wasn’t there yet.

Lin Dongxue instructed Chen Shi, asking, “Start the car already.”

She pushed the door open, sat in the passenger seat, and grabbed Chen Shi’s right hand. His hand was white and slender, not fitting someone who’d been working a blue-collar job for a long time. Chen Shi smiled and asked, “What’s wrong? You know how to read palms?”

Answering him was a click as a pair of handcuffs was placed on his right wrist. Lin Dongxue was a

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