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After eating Mala spicy soup, Chen Shi’s lips were very red from the spiciness. Lin Dongxue looked at him with a look of disdain. Chen Shi teased, “I know I’m handsome but you don’t have to stare at me the whole time, right?”

Lin Dongxue smacked him and lectured, “You know how afraid I was at the restaurant? I was very worried that she…” She then glanced at Gao Xiaohui in the back seat. “I was afraid that the suspect would run!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I will take note of this next time.”

On the road back to the station, Lin Dongxue received three calls to urge her to get back faster. Lin Qiupu was afraid that there would be any changes on her end.

Half an hour later, the three drew closer to the front door of the station. Lin Qiupu and several police officers hadn’t eaten lunch and were just waiting by the door. Lin Dongxue immediately understood.This guy had bad intentions and deliberately wasted time in order to get revenge for last time.

The car stopped. When Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi came down from the car, Lin Qiupu’s eyes glared at him. Lin Qiupu sneered coldly as he walked up to them, “As the expression goes, water turns even if the mountains don’t, huh?[1] Mr. Chen, why don’t you talk about the feeling of coming to the palacetwice?! Go to the interrogation room and talk!”

Chen Shi was also happy and pointed towards the car, “Maybe you need to get a pair of glasses, Captain Lin. There’s still someone in the car. Could you not see them or something?”

Lin Qiupu looked at the car and looked at Lin Dongxue with a look of incomprehension. Lin Dongxue clarified, “Captain Lin, that is the actual murder suspect. She has already confessed to everything!”

“But... Why is it a woman? Did you make a record of everything?”

“Oh, uh… No...” Lin Dongxue poked her tongue out.

Chen Shi took out his mobile phone and said, “There is a recording on this, I will send it to you!”

“Wow, you were so careful down to the minute details!” Lin Dongxue said in admiration.

“What is going on here? You were solving the case together?” Lin Qiupu looked to Chen Shi, “Why are you with Dongxue?”

Chen Shi deliberately ignored the hostility in his eyes. “This case was all done by Miss Lin; I just helped a little bit. Captain Lin, I think you usually neglect your sister's ability. Her intuition is quite keen. I promise that you will feel like you lost to your sister after this case is closed!”

Lin Dongxue’s face went red from all the praise while Lin Qiupu was stunned. He turned to Lin Dongxue, “How could you not listen to the commands and act without authorization?”

“Won’t happen again, won’t happen again!” Lin Dongxue smiled.

“One time is enough, wait for the punishment!” Lin Qiupu stated with a serious face.

“Well, the rest of the things you deal with yourself, but quickly take her away. I have to work!” Chen Shi opened the door to his car. “Oh yeah, I need a person to inform me in advance if I need to take the s

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