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In the conference room, police officers arrived in succession. At present, many people were lacking sleep, but this didn’t affect their mood. Colleagues still smiled, said hello, and handed out cigarettes.

Lin Dongxue sat in the corner and reported the results of the DNA test through WeChat to Chen Shi. Chen Shi still did not reply. She complained, “Where the hell did he go?!”

Suddenly the noisy meeting room was quiet, Lin Dongxue immediately sat up straight. It turned out that Lin Qiupu had already come in. He looked around at the circle of people underneath him. “Is everyone here? Let’s begin the meeting!”

Lin Qiupu summed up the clues they currently had a hold of. After the forensics teams’ technical appraisal of the fingerprints, DNA, saliva, and shoe prints found on the scene were found to be free of outsiders. Lin Qiupu deduced, “It seems that the murderer is very sly and did not leave even a little clue. This also confirms that they are very guilty and in the circle of interpersonal relationships of the deceased.”

Xu Xiaodong raised his hand. “The murderer must have covered their fingerprints with 502 glue! We can go and test this.”

Lin Dongxue thought,He’s still holding on to this matter!

An experienced veteran police officer immediately retorted. “It doesn’t make sense to investigate if there’s a fingerprint with 502 glue on it. 502 glue can't be used as evidence in court, and it wastes time.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” Xu Xiaodong hit a wall again and sat back down.

Lin Qiupu asked people to open the projector. He worked very efficiently. Yesterday, the interpersonal relationship between the deceased and the husband and wife were checked and organized with analysis. The three people who had criminal motives were listed. The first one was identified as a loan shark, and his gang name as Big Tiger.. He used to be a gang member.

“Big Tiger’s rap sheet is really thick, this person's whereabouts are unknown, and I think there’s a high probability that he did this...” Lin Qiupu suddenly stopped talking because a hand was raised.

Lin Dongxue, who never spoke at meetings, raised her hand stubbornly.

Lin Qiupu could not turn a blind eye and pretend he didn’t see her, so he asked, “Lin Dongxue, what do you have to say?”

“I don't understand. A loan shark’s purpose is to collect money. Generally speaking, if they can't get the money, they would kidnap and sell the people who borrowed money. Why would they resort to killing?”

“There must be hidden meaning in it, only after finding Big Tiger himself can we understand.”

“Then I still have a little doubt. If the loan shark kills, why should they let go of the children?”

“I already said that we will understand once we find Big Tiger.”

“I have one more thing...”

“Okay, just stop talking!” Lin Qiupu interrupted violently.

Lin Dongxue sat down dissatisfied, thinking that Lin Qiupu was 90% focusing on the wrong direction again. Lin Qiupu

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