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Lin Dongxue thought for a while before she replied, “Retrieve the surveillance footage as we leave to see if she was seen in any of them.”

Chen Shi noted, “That answer is quite satisfactory, but at the location of the incident, near An Fu Bridge, there aren’t any surveillance cameras, so I don’t think it would be very efficient. Also, it was very dark at the time. The quality of non-police surveillance videos is quite worrying. Thus, even if we were able to retrieve the footage, we might not be able to see anything clearly.”

Lin Dongxue enquired, “Can you recall her appearance at all?”

Not answering the question directly, Chen Shi smiled and asked, “How many days has it been since the incident?”

“Four days.”

“How many people do you reckon a driver such as myself would meet over four days? Have you heard about the pollution of the memory? I’m afraid that even if I tried recalling it, all it would do is mislead us.” Chen Shi snapped his fingers, “Let’s go!”

“Where to?”

“To see Chen Jun.”

Lin Dongxue gave her colleague a call and found out that Chen Jun worked in a foreign-owned company and that he and a few of his colleagues were currently renting a three-bedroom place. When they arrived at Chen Jun’s residence, a fair and neat young man opened the door, revealing his red eyes. He asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Lin Dongxue flashed her badge and asked, “Are you Chen Jun? I want to discuss a few things with you!”

“Please come in!”

A house with several men living in it was naturally quite messy. The man who they assumed was Chen Jun brought the two into his bedroom, which was very clean. Chen Shi asked a few questions in an experienced manner, and Chen Jun answered them all one by one.

He claimed to have been in a relationship with the Gu Mengxing for three years. In the beginning, the two met in a social-networking game. As they lived in the same city, they proposed to meet. After that meeting, they felt like they could really connect with one another, so they began to date.

Gu Mengxing worked at a pharmaceutical company. Not to mention her personality, her appearance was also very flattering, which caused Chen Jun to feel like he gained more face[1]every time he took her out. Of course, he actually genuinely loved her and wished to marry her one day.

“Who would have thought that something like this would have happened? Having a monster of a Wang Yueche driver killing her!” Chen Jun began to sob.

Chen Shi turned a blind eye to his pain and calmly asked, “How were your girlfriend’s interpersonal relationships? Do you have any mutual acquaintances?”

Chen Jun thought about this question and began to list them as Chen Shi took notes in Lin Dongxue’s small book. Lin Dongxue glanced down at his notebook, noticing that his handwriting was neat, compelling, and tidy as if he had practiced calligraphy previously.

After recording the names down, Chen Shi glanced at the list and questioned

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