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After lunch, Lin Qiupu called everyone into the conference room. When Lin Dongxue arrived, she saw Xu Xiaodong’s eyes dancing around several female police officers, “Did you hear? This morning, Captain Lin was made speechless by a mere driver, and was eventually forced to release him obediently!”

“What are you talking about?” Lin Dongxue put the information in her hands down.

The female police officers all huddled together, and Xu Xiaodong smiled and came over, “I didn’t mean anything by it, so don’t be angry. I reckon this guy is a sly old fritter[1]. Unless we have concrete evidence, he won’t own up so easily.”

“Keep your distance from me!” Lin Dongxue said with disgust.

“Miss Lin, don’t take your frustration out on me. Why don’t I treat you to a hot pot[2] tonight?”

“Get lost. Get lost. Get lost! Who would want that?!”

At this time, Lin Qiupu arrived, and everyone immediately became quiet. Lin Qiupu cleared his throat, "There’s already some leads in the case, but we still lack evidence. I know that you have all worked hard in investigating the case, but we can't relax just yet."

After summarizing the information on hand briefly, Lin Qiupu assigned tasks to the police officers, "Xiao Qi, Xiao Wang, you two go to the Traffic Management Bureau to investigate what vehicles were passing through the murder scene that night. Xiao Dong, Lao Wang, you guys are to walk around the scene. I need to expand the scope of the witnesses; everyone else, I will send you the interrogation records for you to see if the situation that Chen Shi spoke of is true or false."

Lin Dongxue widened her eyes. Did Chen Shi have the ability to foretell the future? Even the wording was almost precisely the same!

Someone stood up and asked, “Capt. Lin, do you still think Chen Shi is a suspect?”

Lin Qiupu replied, "I don't believe that he is completely innocent. This person is probably the key to a breakthrough. This lead can’t be so easily discarded!" Lin Qiupu’s words were full of confidence as if he couldn’t be wrong, and many nodded, faithfully agreeing with him.

If Lin Dongxue had not spoken with Chen Shi before this, she would have probably also followed suit. Now her mind was all muddled. Although she has always hated her brother, she has never denied her brother’s ability. However, she seriously doubted that belief at this point.

Lin Dongxue didn’t hear a single word in the latter half of Lin Qiupu’s speech. It wasn’t until Lin Qiupu announced that the meeting was adjourned did Lin Dongxue stand up and walk away.

After leaving the meeting room, Lin Dongxue called Chen Shi immediately, “Where are you?”

“It looks like what I said was on point?” A carefree voice sounded from the phone.

Lin Dongxue really didn’t want to boost this guy’s ego, so she just downplayed the situation, “It was passable. You were barely right.”

“Haha!” Chen Shi laughed, “I am currently outside Feng Zhilin Hotel. Bring the autopsy repo

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