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Lin Dongxue sat in Xu Xiaodong's car and returned to the complex where the murder happened. The two asked each unit about the deceased. However, the incident was late at night so the residents did not hear anything suspicious, only lamenting the situation of the family.

Neighbors mentioned that the family was very kind, especially the male owner who would always greet people as they walked by. He was a really good person. The family often sent food to neighbors, and sometimes cleaned the corridors as well.

As for the question that Chen Shi recommended them to ask, all the neighbours did not know. Only one old master who lived opposite the family said that there was a group of people who recently came to inquire about Kong Wende’s address, holding paint in his hand. They seemed to be loan sharks that came here to splash paint on the family’s home. The old master warned them not to make a mess, and contacted the security guard who shooed them away.

Lin Dongxue was preparing to thank him and end the line of questioning. At this time, Chen Shi called and asked, “How is the investigation going?”

“No progress, everyone informed us that the family’s character was good and that their neighborhood relationships are harmonious.”

“Ask about the relationship between the husband and wife. Do you even know how to investigate crimes?”

After Chen Shi hung up the phone, Lin Dongxue growled. “Are you my boss?” Then directed to the old man, “I have one more question. How is the relationship between the couple?”

“What kind of question is that? They are husband and wife, so their relationship is definitely good. This guy is just randomly commanding you to ask questions. You’re really going to listen to him?” Xu Xiaodong heard the phone call just now and complained.

He didn’t expect the old master to say without thinking, “Their relationship was good before, though I don’t know why, but this year, they were always quarrelling.”

“Really?” The two were shocked. Lin Dongxue pressed on, “Can you talk about it more specifically?”

The old master’s house suddenly made a noise. The old man exclaimed, “My soup has finished boiling. Sorry!” Then he quickly went inside the house.

The two exchanged glances and Lin Dongxue suggested, “Let’s go in!”

“Let’s not. He didn’t give permission.” Xu Xiaodong hesitated.

“What do you mean let’s not?”

Lin Dongxue went straight into the house and the old man was busy in the kitchen. He took two bowls of rib soup out and offered, “You two should be tired, drink some soup!”

“Ah, no, it’s okay, thank you!”

“Oh it’s fine, let’s talk while drinking.”

The two had to be respectful and so they accepted courteously. The old master said that the couple very frequently quarreled. Basically, they had a big quarrel every five days, and there was a small quarrel every three days. Every time they had a quarrel, they smashed their bowls and pots and the child would cry very intensely. The o

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