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Lin Qiupu sneered at Chen Shi, and Chen Shi smiled in return as Lin Qiupu instructed Chen Shi to read and recite the eight characters situated behind the officer.

“Resistance will be met with harshness, and honesty will be rewarded with leniency[1]. Was my pronunciation on point?”

“You’re neither the first nor the last dishonest criminal to sit in that seat. You really thought-”

“Pay attention to your wording, ‘Great’ Captain Lin. I am only a suspect, not a criminal. By law, I am still an upstanding citizen! Detaining me without providing any form of evidence, as well as interrogating me, this act in it of itself is illegal,” Chen Shi did not back down by even an inch.

“No evidence!” Lin Qiupu was furious, “If you can’t remember on your own, then I’ll help you remember. On the night of September 11that 2:00 am, a female passenger by the name Gu Mengxing was in your car. The text message she sent to her boyfriend during the ride proves that you verbally sexually harassed her. The next day, her body was found near the riverside. There were obvious signs of rape. You dare say that you’re completely innocent?”

Three pairs of eyes stared at Chen Shi. His face passed a trace of surprise before immediately reverting to normal.

“On the morning of the 11th, there was indeed a beautiful female passenger in my car. However, I sent her to the destination she requested, Feng Zhilin Hotel. My driving records can be used as proof,” Chen Shi calmly stated.In this situation, if he didn’t tell the truth, then he would be suspected even more.

“Where was the starting point of the trip?”

“Shi Houzi Road. There was also a barbeque stall close by, and I stayed for about two hours flagging down customers.”

“Why did you stay there for so long?”

“I fell asleep.”

“As far as I know, you would have had to pass through the scene of the crime on the way to Feng Zhilin Hotel from Shi Houzi Road.”

Chen Shi rolled his eyes, shook his head, and smiled, “Go check the driving records!”

“Driving records can be forged.”

Chen Shi laughed loudly, “Motherfucker, what kind of truth are you after? I told you, yet you won’t believe me. I told you that there was evidence, yet you say it’s forged. You can’t wait to paint this pot black, can you? When you solve a case, is it like a blind date to you? Do you consider the investigation solved as long as they look the part?”

“Watch your attitude!” Lin Qiupu commanded coldly.

“I am an innocent citizen who has been detained, and not given access to any food or drink, even though it’s well past noon. Not only have I been humiliated by your words, but you’re also trying to force me into confessing to a crime that I have not committed. I just fucking expressed my dissatisfaction a little; how is that unreasonable?”

Lin Qiupu had an expression on his face that was as if he were looking at rubbish. He picked up the phone next to him and exchanged a few words before asking, “Is it true

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