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While bringing Tao Yueyue home, Chen Shi saw Gu You pruning shrubs at the door and said, “Miss Gu, these flowers and plants all belong to the the community. Are you trimming them as volunteer work?”

Gu You smiled, “I saw yellow leaves through the window and felt uncomfortable, so I came out and cut them. I have minor OCD.”

Tao Yueyue stood at the door and pulled faces at Chen Shi and Chen Shi did the same to her before Tao Yueyue went back in.

Chen Shi really wanted to ask Gu You something. He had just shown off a psychoanalytic theory in front of Peng Sijue and Lin Dongxue. He was not an expert himself, so he said to Gu You, “I have something to ask you.”

“Please go ahead.”

“What details can you use to determine that a man is sexually repressed?”

“Is there a brightly-colored towel in his bathroom?”

“Why do you say that?”

“The bathroom is a very private place. Excretion and bathing are all related to sex. If you live alone, it can reflect a person's subconsciousness. If a man wipes his body with a brightly-colored towel, there is an implication of sexuality in it, indicating that he is very eager for sex.”

“You really are an expert!” Chen Shi felt a lot of respect for Gu You.

“Are you talking about your friend or yourself?”

“No, no, my friends and I were making a bet while chatting, thank you!”

“You're welcome.” Gu You smiled elegantly.

Chen Shi texted Lin Dongxue confidently, “Is there a bright towel in Xu Nianqiang's bathroom?”

Later, Lin Dongxue replied, “Hey he does, why? Does it have something to do with the case?”

“It seems that my analysis is correct. I’ll tell you the rationale behind it later!”

Chen Shi walked into his own bathroom and suddenly saw a brightly-colored towel. He secretly said “Ah fuck” and immediately pulled it off the towel rack. Tao Yueyue poked her head in from behind him and said, “Uncle Chen, why are you taking my towel?”

“Uh... Sorry for taking the wrong one.” Chen Shi hung it back again.

Chen Shi made dinner like an expert and prepared a bento for Lin Dongxue. When he thought of Peng Sijue's sour face, he couldn’t leave him out, so he prepared another one. However, there was only one poached egg in tomato sauce left and he didn't know whose box to put it in.

He wavered between the two bento boxes and Tao Yueyue, who was sitting on the opposite side of the table, saw the hesitation, “Uncle Chen, who else is as important in your heart as Elder Sister Lin?”

“Just go back into your room and do your homework.”

“Be careful, I’ll tell Elder Sister Lin!” Tao Yueyue threatened before leaving.

“Do you dare... Ah, right, don't go out at night. I'll call when I get back.”

“I know!”

Chen Shi decided to give it to Peng Sijue, but he couldn’t let Lin Dongxue find out, so he carefully covered it with vegetables so that the two looked similar before covering them up with lids.

Chen Shi went to the bureau and everyone was still at wo

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