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After the forensic technicians had taken photos, the two of them put on gloves and shoe covers before entering the scene. There were eight beds in the narrow container house. The corpse had fallen to the ground facedown with blood flowing everywhere. The stench of blood filled their nostrils.

Chen Shi sniffed and smelled something sweet. He looked around and found an empty bottle under the bedside table.

This was a domestically manufactured carbonated beverage bottle, which had been emptied. Chen Shi unscrewed the bottle cap and found a strange pattern in the bottle cap. He glanced at the body of the bottle and took out identical bottles from the bag that the workers put empty bottles in. He unscrewed the bottles one by one.

He handed the bottle cap to Lin Qiupu and said, “Look. What’s this?”

Lin Qiupu looked at it in the light and said, “A black butterfly?”

“There is no prize redemption for this drink. This bottle cap is suspicious. It might be a signature left by the killer.”

“A new serial killer has appeared in Long'an again?” Lin Qiupu asked. The last thing he wanted to see was a situation like this.

Lin Qiupu went out with the drink bottle and asked the workers about it. A worker said that he had bought the drink but didn't notice anything about the bottle cap when he was drinking it. Later, he had put it on the table. The victim might have drunk from it as well.

The worker asked fearfully, “Was there poison in the drink?”

“Unlikely.” Lin Qiupu responded.

Chen Shi thought of the drink poisoning case ten years ago. Was this case done by the murderer's younger brother? Of course, this conjecture didn’t have any evidence backing it up.

The killer's technique was efficient and there were no signs of struggle at the scene. This time, it was highly likely that it would be a serial killer case.

Lin Qiupu called Chen Shi over to the car and asked, “Are you dating my sister?”

“How can you tell?” Chen Shi smiled.

“You think I didn’t notice her recent changes? I don't know what she likes about you, but this is her freedom!”

“Thank you, Captain Lin, for your approval.”

“Oh please. I have something here. Go back and take a look.” Lin Qiupu took out an envelope from the car and handed it to Chen Shi very seriously.

Chen Shi was about to open it and Lin Qiupu said, “Hey, it's important to handle the case first. Just look at it after you have headed back!”

The police officers visited the surrounding area. There were no security cameras here. The security guard uncle originally said that he had been on duty at the time, but when he realized the seriousness of the murder, he told the truth. He had received an anonymous call saying that his granddaughter had been hit by a car on her way to school. He couldn’t get through to his wife's phone. So, he went to the hospital to check out the situation. He was gone for about an hour and it turned out that nothing had happened to his granddaught

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