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Tao Yueyue ran to the kitchen, stayed there for a while and brought out a drink. As Chen Shi had been pondering the case, he took a sip and suddenly sprayed it all out, saying, “I understand! I understand now! Yueyue, lock the door and don't go out anywhere!”

Chen Shi grabbed his jacket and, on his way out, he asked, “What did you make? It’s sweet and salty.”

“Milk tea!”

“What kind of milk tea is that? Milk tea doesn't need salt in it.”

When the door closed behind Chen Shi, Tao Yueyue picked up the remaining half in the cup, tasted it, and said with a pout, “I really did put too much in.”

Chen Shi called Lin Dongxue in the car and asked her where she was. Lin Dongxue said, “Dining outside.”

“Send me the location and don't go anywhere. I'll come to you!”

“Okay...” Lin Dongxue was clueless. “Is it important?”

“I'll be right there.”

Half an hour later, Chen Shi found the small restaurant. Several members of the task force were having dinner. Chen Shi took Lin Dongxue to the bureau, and Lin Dongxue asked, “What the hell is going on? You suddenly appeared looking so serious.”

“Stay over at my house for the next two days.”

“Huh? But my stuff...”

“I'll go to your house later on. From now on, don't go out alone. I’ll be driving you to and from work from now on.”

“It's okay for me to stay over at your house, but I want to know why.”

“To protect you!”

Lin Dongxue thought that Chen Shi was joking, smiled, but found that Chen Shi's expression remained serious.

When they finally arrived at the bureau, Chen Shi dragged Lin Dongxue over to the forensics department. Peng Sijue was still working in front of the computer when Chen Shi burst out, “Bottle! The bottle!”

“What bottle?”

“The plastic bottles in the previous cases. Test to see if they match with the victims.”

Although Peng Sijue wanted to say a few words about Chen Shi’s abrupt behavior, seeing that he had come in so hastily, he guessed that it was something important that needed to be done, so he went about it silently.

Twenty minutes later, the results came out. Peng Sijue said, “In the case of the migrant worker, the migrant worker’s saliva enzymes were on the bottle; in the family of three, this was also true; the otaku, also true...The driver…There was no saliva on the bottle.”

“What's going on?” Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi in surprise.

Chen Shi ’s conjecture had come to fruition. He said, “Today ’s hitchhike murder case inspired me. Why did the murderer choose this extremely difficult method to kill? The rules of the game he formulated were just diversionary tactics for us. In fact, he had his own pre-established murder list!”

“Explain.” Peng Sijue didn't quite understand.

“We all thought that anyone who bought a bottle cap with the mark would die. The murderer did exactly that in the first three cases, but from the fourth case onwards, he didn’t do that. He just killed the person who he wanted to k

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