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Chen Shi heard the words and stood up immediately . Cao Lijuan said, “Uncle, don't waste your efforts. He has already left quite a while ago.”

“What did he do at your house... No, what time did he leave?”

“I won't say!” Cao Lijuan was adamant. “Sure enough, the police are like this. Even if I tear open the scar and show it to you, you only want to catch him. You only want to solve the case. You have no human feelings!”

“This is our job.” Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue said, “You don't understand what he is currently like. Before he killed Teacher Xu, he killed several other people. Those people had no bad blood with him. They had family members as well. For those families, the pain of losing their loved ones will last a lifetime.”

Cao Lijuan twiddled with her fingers, which was a sign that her heart was wavering.

Lin Dongxue didn't want to force her anymore, and said to Chen Shi, “Let's go!”

“Wait a minute!” Cao Lijuan called them both. “Wang Sunxu came in the morning and said a lot to me. He has already realized that he would be arrested. He told me that his plan was about to be completed and that there were two left. The last two were the culprits that caused his entire childhood to be like this.”

“I see, he intends...” Chen Shi suddenly stopped talking. He smelled the scent of blood all of a sudden.

Chen Shi suddenly took Cao Lijuan's arm out from under the table and saw that her left wrist was covered with blood. A box-cutter with blood on it fell onto the table, and the guests beside them stood up screaming.

Cao Lijuan smiled sadly, “The only thing I can do is to delay you for a few more minutes and make you a bit late...” Then her lips became paler and paler and she fainted on Chen Shi.

“Silly child!” Chen Shi cursed. He immediately cut the tablecloth with the box-cutter and asked Lin Dongxue to come over and help to make a simple bandage for her.

Then Chen Shi took her to the car and rushed her to the hospital. On the way, Lin Dongxue was holding back tears and she called the other members of the task force to go to the hospital. After the phone call, Chen Shi put one hand on her shoulder, “It's okay, it won't be life-threatening.”

“I'm sorry! I just feel pity for this girl.” Lin Dongxue said. She knew that as a criminal police officer, she should not be this soft.

“Cry if you want to cry. Crying is also a kind of catharsis.” Chen Shi said. Lin Dongxue didn't say a word but shook her head stubbornly.

The wound on Cao Lijuan's wrist was not deep. The torrent of blood was just a little scary. Half an hour after she was taken to the hospital, the doctor said that she was out of danger.

At that moment, the other police officers hurried in. Lin Dongxue said, “Sorry, we won’t be able to rest tonight. Let’s go to the xx housing community to investigate. Wang Sunxu went there today...”

“No need!” Chen Shi said, “I know who the last two people Wang Sunxu wants to kill are. Sun Shu an

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