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The teacher continued, “However, as the saying goes, “The pitiful person must have their deficiencies”, this child is really not worthy of sympathy. In a chemistry class, he knocked over the sulfuric acid bottle and burned another student’s leg. The other boy was a top student in the class that we were focused on cultivating. They didn’t have any prior relationship with each other. Why do you think he would hurt him? In plain terms, it would be envy. Envy towards the child's good family and his being loved by the teachers. Another time, it happened to me. I don't even want to remember now. I have asthma. I have to carry an inhaler with me everywhere. I also keep one at the office. Once, I used up the one I had on me, so I hurried to the office to get my spare. As a result, when I inhaled, I felt my lungs burning. I almost died. Fortunately, I was able to be treated urgently and survived. The doctor said that my medicine was filled with chalk dust. I asked myself, who would harm me like that? No matter how much I investigated, I found no answers, but I heard that...It’s only a rumor, but someone saw that child touch my desk during the day. Why do you think he would harm me like that?”

“Did you make a report?” Chen Shi asked.

“No, the school didn't want to blow everything up, so this big incident was covered up... But it blessed me with a silver lining. At that time, I was competing with several teachers to climb up to the position of teaching director. I had to take public classes for this and was worried it would affect my progress. I discharged myself from the hospital early to attend the classes. The school head said that my efforts were commendable and later gave me the position. Some people said sourly that I had implemented a self-harming scheme... Oh, these are all tangents. I shouldn’t mention this further.”

Chen Shi continued to ask, “Other than the indifference of the teachers, was Wang Sunxu abused by his classmates at school?”

“Uh, as far as I know... Yes! Once when I got off work, I saw a few boys hitting him on the playground. It was some of the kids who had poor grades in class, and I yelled at them to stop!”


The teacher said awkwardly, “I did shout, 'What are you doing!' but they said it was a joke, so I said nothing and left...”

“What's the name of the student who often bullied him?”

“Lai Wei.”

“Is there a student file for him?”

The teacher found Lai Wei ’s student file and showed it to Chen Shi. Chen Shi photographed it on his mobile phone. The teacher said, “Actually, now that I think about it, this child was quite pitiful, but it’s not that everyone was bad to him. There’s always true sincerity in human society. There was a teacher named Xu Nianqiang who was very concerned about him. I remember that when the child celebrated his birthday, Teacher Xu even bought him a cake. Teacher Xu was kind-hearted and especially cared about these undervalued students.”

Lin Dongxue said,

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