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Volume 20: Crazed Time Traveller

On the evening on April 22nd:

Tao Yueyue began liking Gu You who lived next door more and more. Although Chen Shi really cared about her and didn’t treat her as a child like other adults, he was a man after all and was not sensitive enough.

Lin Dongxue was like an intimate big sister. Tao Yueyue liked to be with her. Lin Dongxue seemed to have a soft halo on her body. Maybe because she was too dazzling, Tao Yueyue wasn’t willing to talk with Lin Dongxue about certain topics.

Gu You seemed to have a magical power. Tao Yueyue was willing to speak about the most hidden secrets in her heart in front of her. It was always pleasant and rewarding to chat with her.

On this afternoon when she left school early, Gu You brought creamy strawberries and chatted with Tao Yueyue while eating. Tao Yueyue said that she had recently “fixed up” a schoolgirl who she couldn’t stand, causing the other party to be speechless.

Looking back, Tao Yueyue's mouth could not help showing a proud smile.

“Sister Gu, do you think my heart is dark?”

“Yueyue, do you believe in born-criminals?”

“Do you want to say that I am one?”

“In the nineteenth century, based on the psychological analysis of criminals, some people put forward the hypothesis of criminal phrenology and genetics. To this day, some people still believe that the genes of criminals are inherited. Some people are born as criminals. Of course, the environment will shape a person. Such people may become good politicians, sports players, writers, or they may fall into the life of a criminal.”

“Politicians, writers, and criminals are the same in their hearts?” Although Tao Yueyue didn't understand fully, she felt that the words were very attractive to her. People always want to know more about themselves.

“In their hearts, there is a kind of invasiveness that challenges order and breaks the rules. It is their environment and education that determine which role they become. Subconsciously, outstanding politicians are the same as fallen criminals.”

“It's the same in my heart, but I don't want to be a criminal. Uncle Chen will be sad.”

Gu You smiled and took out a small paper bag. “I want to play a fun game with you. Put these powders in Uncle Chen's water. As long as he drinks it successfully, I will give you a reward!”


“This game is called a crime simulation. Do you want to try to feel like a criminal who utilizes poison? Of course, the game is just a game. It won't really break the law. It's just salt.” Gu You poured a little bit in front of her and licked her palm. “Salt is salty. Since it is ‘poison’, you have to consider how to cover or hide its taste. This way of thinking is the same as those real criminals.”

“Is there any rule?” Tao Yueyue took the paper bag.

“You can’t be found out and no outsiders can be told about this. This is a little secret between us.”

Tao Yueyue looked at the paper bag and sai

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