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The police immediately blocked the surrounding intersections. Lin Qiupu took a photo of Wang Sunxu and personally led people around to check the street shops.

Chen Shi was still paired with Lin Dongxue, and they asked several stores. A convenience store employee said that the young man had come to the store to buy things not long ago.

“Do you have any surveillance footage?” Lin Dongxue asked excitedly.

“Don't bother looking at surveillance footage. When was this? What did he buy?” Chen Shi asked.

“About four-thirty. He bought a bunch of Sprites, and some sandwiches.” The clerk said.

Chen Shi picked up a bottle of Sprite and looked at it, saying, “Asshole, he intends to continue killing people.”

“Using Sprite this time?”

“No, you see how this bottle is very similar to that carbonated drink? He must have pre-packaged the beverage packaging and bottle caps in advance. Those things are easier to carry.”

Lin Dongxue was surprised, “So even if the whole city doesn’t sell that drink, he still has his crime tools? If we watched all the convenience stores, wouldn’t he be unable to commit crimes any more? It’s not like he could sell the drinks on the street, right?”

Chen Shi mumbled to himself, saying that she was right. Wang Sunxu's method of committing the crime was very difficult. Why did he do it? Was there another mystery in it?

Lin Dongxue informed everyone by radio, and Chen Shi continued to search on the street. The security guard of a housing district said that he saw the teenager coming in recently and that he was wearing a black sweater. As he was not a resident of the housing community, the security guard had stopped and questioned him. He claimed to be a relative of one of the residents.

There were many buildings in the housing district. Just as the two of them went around to investigate, a flower pot fell from upstairs, frightening bystanders, who screamed. Chen Shi looked up and said, “Go upstairs!”

The two found the apartment that threw the pot down. Chen Shi knocked on the door but didn’t get any response. He rammed the door with his shoulder three times before it opened. There was something wrong inside. They saw a mother and daughter tied up on the floor and their mouths were stuffed with socks.

The father, who was tied up like a worm, was lying on the floor of the balcony. He had just toppled the pot down with his head in order to call for help.

There was some leftover food on the table and a bowl of instant noodles was still steaming. Chen Shi immediately rushed out the door. He intuitively determined that Wang Sunxu went upstairs. Most of the buildings were connected through the rooftops, so he could move between buildings that way.

He ran to the top floor and found that the lock on the rooftop had been pried open. He pushed open the door to the rooftop. It was evening, and the sunset was like a fire in the distance. The rooftop was empty.

Chen Shi looked around and sud

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