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After Lin Dongxue fell asleep, Chen Shi took a shower and lay on the sofa.

Although it was a sofa, it was just like a bed when it was unfolded. Chen Shi had difficulty sleeping because he had something weighing on his heart.

He even had an impulse to tell Lin Qiupu who he was now, so that it wouldnn’t be held against him, as if there was a sword of Damocles looming above his head.

The phone next to him beeped, and when Chen Shi unlocked it, he saw Lin Dongxue’s message, saying, “Can't sleep? Would you like me to have a chat with you?”

For a while, Chen Shi felt the sweetness of those words, but after some thought, he decided that this was obviously not Lin Dongxue's style of talking.

So, he replied, “Little bastard, playing this trick again?” After typing it, he reconsidered and deleted it.

What if Lin Dongxue was really the one who sent it?

After much thought, he decided to confirm it for himself, so he went into Lin Dongxue's bedroom softly, and by the dim light from the living room, he saw Lin Dongxue sleeping with her back to him. The quilt had slipped down a little, exposing a shoulder like white jade.

Looking at the sleeping Lin Dongxue, Chen Shi felt a tender feeling in his heart that was also mixed with some sadness.

The time to say goodbye is coming, and this budding relationship will end with the revelation of his identity. He loved Lin Dongxue and hoped to spend a lifetime with her; until they had both gone grey, to recall life’s pain and happiness together.

Thinking of this, Chen Shi’s heart felt like it was being stabbed.

He closed the door silently and returned to the sofa.

Lin Dongxue, who had been waiting in bed for a long time, turned her head around in disbelief. The guy had just opened the door to have a look before leaving. Her own mobile phone still had that text message that she had just sent out , “Can't sleep? Would you like me to have a chat with you?”

Maybe he didn't want the relationship to develop too fast. Lin Dongxue felt Chen Shi's sincerity in his love towards her, and buried her face in the quilt, smiling foolishly.

The next morning, when Tao Yueyue was brushing her teeth, Chen Shi asked her, “Did you steal Elder Sister Lin's cell phone again last night and text me?”

Tao Yueyue looked at him in surprise and said with a frothy mouth, “I didn't!”

“Don't deny it! Stop playing with me. I was tricked by you last time!”

Tao Yueyue pulled a face at him disdainfully.

Chen Shi was prepared to reprimand her a little more when Lin Dongxue came out of the bedroom. So he went to prepare breakfast.

After Tao Yueyue went out, Chen Shi reflected on the incident and thought there was something wrong. Was it really Lin Dongxue's text message?

He lifted her head to look at Lin Dongxue. Lin Dongxue was eating oatmeal porridge earnestly, and looked back at him blankly.

Chen Shi said, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Very well, I'm used to it her

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