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On the evening of April 21st, in a container house at a construction site.

After a day of hard work, the migrant workers came back one after another and waited for their meals to be delivered. Everyone smoked and chatted with each other, talking about how much they had earned that day, how much money they planned to send to their families, as well as about their wives and children.

It was already seven o'clock, and the boxed meals that have been ordered had still not been delivered. Some people got impatient and said, “Are they trying to starve us? Let’s look for the foreman and ask him!”

A group of people went to the foreman. The foreman said that he had called a few times, but the delivery person said that something unexpected had happened, and he feared that he wouldn’t be able to make it. After expressing their indignation and anger, the migrant workers planned to go to the nearby university town for dinner.

“Are you coming or not?!” A migrant worker urged Little Ke, who was on the bed.

Little Ke, who had just taken a nap, got up and asked, “Where to?”

“To the massage parlour. You coming?”

“We got paid?”

“Haha, you really believed that? The food delivery guy can't come today. Let's have dinner together and get bottles of beer on the way.”

“Okay, let’s go... Hey, where are my pants?!”

People outside were hurrying them. The friend threw his pants onto Little Ke's face and said, “I'll go first.”

“Hey! Fucking wait for me for a bit!”

“It’s not like you don’t know how to get there.”

“Help me order some sweet and sour battered pork.”

Little Ke got dressed and stretched. The nap made his stomach feel a little ill. He felt a little nauseous as his stomach bile surged upwards. He drank some water in his thermos cup but felt that it didn’t help with his bile problem.

He didn’t know who had left a bottle of carbonated drink on the table, but he took it, had a sip and he felt much better.

Little Ke suddenly noticed that there was a weird pattern in the bottle cap and stared at it for a long time. “What is this? Did I win a prize?”

However, there was no prize-winning activity printed on the drink. He took another sip, and threw the empty bottle into a plastic bag hanging by the wall.

At that moment, a person entered the room.He stood there like a ghost, standing with his back to the light coming from outside, and his face couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Little Lu? Old Zheng?”

The suspicious man walked in and suddenly a shiny dagger extended out from his sleeve. Little Ke shouted in shock, “Ah! Robbery! The money is with the foreman, you...”

Before he had finished speaking, a hard object penetrated his abdomen, and the blood flowed from his internal organs like a flood. Little Ke opened his mouth in vain, vomiting blood flavored by the carbonated drink he had just drank.

The man grabbed his shoulder with one hand and stabbed him repeatedly with the other, until Little Ke's

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