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Chen Shi couldn't take the time to think. He rammed the door open with his shoulder. The house was in a really chaotic state. On the bed lay a middle-aged man covered with blood, and half a bottle of the beverage was placed on the table beside him.

There was a scream from behind Chen Shi. Looking back, it was the owner of the audio shop from just now.

Chen Shi displayed his consultant card. “Don't be afraid, I'm a policeman.”

“Murder case?”

“Don’t leave for now.”

“Fuck, you don't have to doubt me. Even if there’s competition between us since we’re neighbors, I wouldn’t do this kind of back-handed...”

“I don’t doubt you. I just want to understand the situation.”

Chen Shi called the bureau and then asked the boss, “Do you know this person?”

“Xu Nianqiang?”

“How much do you know about him?”

“The whole street calls him Teacher Xu. I heard that he used to be a schoolteacher. He is very kind and smiles at everyone, and is especially good with children. Our neighbor, Big Sister Li, also asks him to tutor her children in Math. She’s praised him for teaching well as well as being a good person. I often asked him why he didn’t continue to be a schoolteacher and talked about how cool it was to be able to take winter and summer vacations every year. He said that teaching wasn’t profitable and that he wanted to start a business.”

“What about his relationships?”

“Extremely good, he smiles at everyone...”

“I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about people that he knows. Does he have family?”

“I heard that he was a divorcee and that the children were awarded to the mother. He was in his fifties and living alone. He came out to jog every morning. I was wondering why he didn’t open for business today. I didn’t think that this kind of thing had happened… Hey, Officer, who did this?”

“Did you see any suspicious people entering the house today?”


A group of onlookers had gathered behind the boss sometime during their conversation. An aunty said, “I saw a male knocking on his door this morning. Teacher Xu opened the door and exchanged a few words with him before letting him in.”

Chen Shi displayed Wang Sunxu's photo on his mobile phone and asked, “Was it him?”

“I didn’t see his face but he's about the same height I suppose. He was wearing a totally black outfit and carrying a bag.”

It seemed that it was Wang Sunxu without a doubt. Perhaps Xu Nianqiang himself did not expect that he would welcome in a god of death when he opened the door.

Chen Shi told everyone not to look. He entered the house, closed the door and checked the dead body. The time of death was roughly determined to be ten hours ago. What shocked Chen Shi was that the front of Teacher Xu’s body was totally red and his white shirt had been dyed almost completely pink with blood. He didn’t know how many stab wounds had been inflicted.

Looking at those injuries, one can imagine how angry Wang Sunxu was at the t

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