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The place where the case was committed was also within the range of Wang Sunxu's activities. When Lin Qiupu and his party arrived, Peng Sijue was taking people around to collect evidence at the scene.

“What's the situation?” Chen Shi said.

Lin Qiupu glared at the guy who was usurping his authority and said, “Captain Peng, explain the situation!”

Peng Sijue said, “The female homeowner was the one who died. The time of death should be around noon. She was stabbed to death in the middle of a nap. The husband had taken his child out, found her when he came back and reported the case at 4PM... There was half a bottle of that beverage left, and there was that type of bottle cap again.”

Lin Qiupu picked up the drink on the coffee table and twisted it open. There was a cookie box on the lower shelf of the coffee table, which contained various receipts and ticket stubs. There was a list of supermarket receipts to prove that the family had indeed bought the drink.

In the bedroom, the victim lay on the bed in her pajamas, and her death seemed to conform closely to Wang Sunxu’s methods.

Outside the door, her husband was weeping while several neighbors tried to comfort him.

Lin Qiupu asked the husband to come in for questioning and the husband waved his hand desperately and said, “I don't dare to come in. I dare not see my wife looking like that, I'll...” As he spoke, the husband wiped away a few drops of sad tears again.

Lin Qiupu went outside to conduct the questioning.

Chen Shi was very interested in the line of footprints that the forensics team found on the floor of the living room. It was obviously the woman's bare footprints. Only the first half of her feet seemed to be touching the floor and the footprints could be seen going towards the door and back.

Chen Shi went to the bedroom and did not go to look at the body, but squatted on the ground to study the pair of plush slippers. One of the slippers was beside the bed and the other was kicked under the bed.

Chen Shi mumbled, “The victim probably didn't find the slippers, so she opened the door barefoot. But if a stranger came in, the footprints wouldn’t be so neat when she came back in.”

Lin Dongxue said in a low voice, “Do you suspect that it was a hitchhike murder?”

“Old Peng, do you think this was done by Wang Sunxu?” Chen Shi asked.

“The approach is relatively similar, but I wouldn’t know until I have conducted an in-depth autopsy to be sure.”

“Go and check the knives in the kitchen.”

So, the three went into the kitchen and sprayed all the knives with reagents. No human blood was found on them.

Chen Shi pointed to the sink, “Here.”

There was also no blood in the washbasin.

Then there was the toilet. As soon as the toilet lid was lifted, Chen Shi noticed a strong smell of disinfectant. Testing found no blood , but Peng Sijue judged from experience that the toilet had been cleaned vigorously.

Lin Dongxue frowned, “Why a

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