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Chen Shi asked, “Which year was that?”

“09... I think it was the year 09?” The driver lowered his voice. “Wang Zhangyou was killed by someone two days ago. Was it related to this matter? Will that person find me? I swear I didn't do anything.”

Lin Dongxue said, “At that time, the child was only a teenager and an orphan. Your gang of adults went to bully a child and you have concealed it for so many years. Can you guys live with your conscience?”

The driver said, “Who told his brother to kill someone? His brother was arrested by the police, so how could people vent their grievances? ... I’m saying this on behalf of Wang Zhangyou. I swear I didn’t do anything. I just broke a few pots. That’s it. Besides, the child wasn’t a good kid anyway. If the upper beam is not right, then the lower beam would be crooked. According to his school teacher, he usually stole things and so on. He was unpopular in school and everyone avoided him like the plague. Such a child wouldn’t have grown up to be anything good!”

Chen Shi said, “Okay, okay, you won't be held accountable. You have to be careful these next two days.”

The driver said, “I will start burning incense from today onwards and pray that you catch him soon!”

“Which school did that child go to?”

“Thirty-seven High School... You know, that infamous trash high school.” The driver smirked.

“Which middle school do your children go to?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“Experimental middle school and a top high school.” The driver responded proudly.

After saying farewell to the driver, Lin Dongxue looked very unhappy, Chen Shi asked, “What's wrong?”

“I feel uncomfortable whenever I see this kind of naked discrimination. My brother and I were also orphans, and the school I went to wasn’t very good. In childhood, the bullying of others made me miserable for many years. I dare not imagine what kind of psychological trauma would be inflicted when a group of adults violently attacked the child and his house. Today’s Wang Sunxu was created by this group of people!”

“This is the chain of hatred. People standing on each side of the chain consider themselves to be reasonable and victims. So the law doesn't consider the heart;only stopping the violence can stop hatred... Don't be sad.” Chen Shi gently stroked Lin Dongxue's back.

Lin Dongxue smiled sorrowfully, “Those previous words aren’t as valuable as that last phrase.”

“What happened in the past has made us who we are now. We can't change it, but we must learn to accept ourselves!” Chen Shi said, “I love you exactly as you are now. Maybe if even a little thing in the past were to change, we wouldn’t have come together as we have. “

“Okay, okay, enough with the sweet talk... Where are we going next?”

“I want to go to Wang Sunxu's school.”

“To identify the next victim?”


At noon, the two went to the school that Wang Sunxu used to attend. Thirty-seven Middle School only had junior middle school availabl

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