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“Captain Lin, please give us a chance to survive! It took millions of yuan to open up the sales channels in the city for us. With this Weibo post out, hundreds of agents have called to cancel their cooperation with us and return the products. We’ve lost close to a million yuan!”

In the reception room of the Public Security Bureau, the legal representative and the sales manager sent by the company, said tearfully.

Lin Qiupu said, “There is really no other way. Some criminals are using your plant's beverages to commit crimes. In emergency situations, we must put the personal safety of citizens as the first priority.”

The legal representative said, “Isn't it a matter of life for the thousands of people in our company? Today, the entire plant was shut down. I don’t know when we’ll resume production. The workers asked us why we stopped production and we couldn’t answer. Only four people died. Just how many thousands of people do you want to starve to death?”

The sales manager said, “Yeah, what you police are doing now is most likely the trap that the criminal set up. He is trying to harm our company and bankrupt us!”

Lin Qiupu looked helpless, and the other party thought that he was unmoved, so they even kneeled on the spot. Lin Qiupu hurriedly said, “Sorry, I have to do this right now. I promise you that I will be on Weibo to clarify things after all this is over to restore your factory's reputation.”

“It would be too late.”

“It's too late even now.” The two looked mournful.

After finally sending the two delegates away, Lin Qiupu felt stressed. He returned to the conference room. It was already past noon. Many police officers came back one after another. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi also came back. Lin Dongxue laughed as she shook her wrists, “My hands are so sore from unscrewing bottle caps all morning.”

Lin Qiupu sighed secretly. If I could, I would prefer to unscrew bottle caps.

“Let's summarize the findings!” Lin Qiupu said.

“Three bottles were found in the new department store and at the Fumanjia Supermarket... This is the invoice.”

“Jialefu on Zhonglian Road had a bottle as well... This is the invoice.”

Lin Qiupu marked them on the map one by one and looked at the final result. He said, “It seems that the suspect is not hiding a lot of 'bombs' all over the city. He only operates in these two districts.”

Chen Shi said, “The Public Security Bureau is also in this district. He’s pretty brave!”

Lin Qiupu glared at him, “Do you have more constructive opinions?”

Chen Shi walked over to the map and said, “Look here and here... These are highways, and the distance is very near, but if you drive, you have to go around quite a bit. From the places that the 'bombs' were placed, we can speculate that he walks rather than drives. According to standard criminal profiling, his hiding place may be around here...” Chen Shi used his hand to draw a circle as if it was a compass, and then took a pin to

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