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When he thought about having this “time-traveler” living at his place, Chen Shi sighed. He found Lin Dongxue and told her that he wanted to see the information about the robbery.

Lin Dongxue asked curiously, “Weren’t you planning to not participate in this case?”

“The faster I solve this case, the faster that guy leaves my place. Who can stand living with a prince in the house?”

“Fortunately, I moved away.” Lin Dongxue laughed. After the previous case was over, she moved back to her rental house. “Are you good at robbery cases?”

“Not at all!”

The information on hand was mainly a list of lost items, as well as a surveillance video taken from opposite the gold shop. On the afternoon of April 23rd, two masked criminals went to a gold shop on Yangquan Road riding a motorcycle with the license plate covered. In the gold shop, one person took out a gun while the other took out a hammer and started hitting the glass counters with it. The shop attendant screamed constantly in fear.

The entire process lasted less than five minutes. Because the gold shop used tempered glass that could not be broken, the gangster held a gun against the shop clerk's head while they put a lot of gold ornaments into the gangster's bag before they took off.

The total value of the stolen goods was estimated to be about 300,000 yuan. Of course, if the gangsters want to sell the stolen goods, the price must be discounted in half.

Chen Shi watched the video twice and asked Lin Dongxue, “This gun wasn’t fired the whole time. Is it real or fake?”

“We suspect it’s a fake gun. There are not many ways for people to get a real gun in Long’an City. We have investigated this, but we haven't found the origin of this gun. There is a high probability that it’s a fake gun. However, at the time, the clerk didn’t want to take any risks and just tried to protect themselves through complying with the criminals’ demands.”

“I feel that these two people are quite professional. Are there similar cases?”

“Yes, there was a convenience store robbery in Long’an the year before similar to the crime style this time. At that time, there were three people.”

“Convenience store robbery? For the money?”

“Smoke and alcohol.”

“Professional!” Chen Shi sighed. Nowadays people paid through WeChat, so there wasn’t much cash in cash registers. What was really valuable were the cigarettes and alcohol on the shelves. Furthermore, these things are easy to sell. There were many places that accepted tobacco and liquor in exchange for cash.

Chen Shi watched the video several times. He pointed at the gangster with the hammer and said, “This man looked at his accomplice three times during the robbery. They both covered their faces and only showed their eyes. They should just be communicating through their gazes.”

“What do you mean?”

“It shows that their relationship is very good and this person is psychologically dependent on the other person. They were prob

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