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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged looks, and Chen Shi asked over the phone, “What's your name?”

“Cao Lijuan.”

“Cao Lijuan, can we come and see you now? We want to know more about the situation.”

“Ah? It's so late...”

Lin Dongxue beckoned with her finger for the phone, and then said, “Little Sister, we just wanted to find out about some past events. We won’t take too long.”

“Okay, there's a cafe near my house. We can just meet there!”

After writing down the address, the two drove over. Lin Dongxue said on the road, “Wang Sunxu killed Boss Xu and forced him to call and apologize. I think Boss Xu may not be a gentleman after all.”

“My thoughts are the same,” Chen Shi agreed.

The two arrived at the coffee shop. A young girl in white stood at the door and waved at them. Cao Lijuan was surprised when she saw Lin Dongxue and exclaimed, “Wow, are you also a police officer? Elder Sister is so beautiful.”

Lin Dongxue smiled and said, “Let's go sit inside.”

The three walked into the cafe and ordered three drinks. Chen Shi had already discussed it with Lin Dongxue on the way and had decided to tell her about the death of Teacher Xu. So Lin Dongxue said, “The reason why we are looking for you is because Teacher Xu was murdered this morning.”

“What?!” Cao Lijuan was surprised.

After explaining the situation, Cao Lijuan said, “The person who killed him is Wang Sunxu, right?”

“How did you guess that?”

“After what happened back then, I guessed that one day it would end up like this.” Cao Lijuan said with a neutral face while holding a coffee cup.

“Tell me what happened back then!”

“What do you think of Teacher Xu?”

“Kind, upright, and caring with his students... This was the first impression he gave me.”

“Yes, this was the way he was in front of people. The whole world has been fooled by him. Teacher Xu always chooses the students who are the most disliked in the class to show concern about. Like a caring big brother, he had a book that recorded each student’s birthdays, preferences, and family backgrounds. At that time, because of my poor family, I was laughed at and bullied in class. Teacher Xu appeared like an angel, but later I realized that he was actually a demon!

“He was a man who was good at portraying himself as someone polite and weak. His words always made people believe him. Even if he was wrong, you would still think that he had his reasons or personal difficulties. We have a few in our class, including me who often went to see Teacher Xu after school. He would help us with our homework, especially before the exams. He would let us do ‘mock’ exams. Those exam papers contained questions from the exam. We thought it was Teacher Xu's way of caring for us. Sometimes, Teacher Xu would call us over to the dormitory to talk about the troubles we were facing at school. He liked to listen to music, and he listened to all kinds of artistic songs. Influenced by him, I once liked to l

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