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Chen Shi asked, “I still have a question. What was the murder weapon?”

“You just said it was a hammer. Actually, it wasn't. It was ice cubes wrapped in cloth to keep the sashimi fresh. After killing that obsessive man, I put the ice cubes in the toilet tank. It probably melted long ago. I burned the cloth as well.”

“Smart! But you replaced Miss Jiang's key with your own. Weren't you afraid of being discovered?”

“I thought at the time that if you suspected me, it didn't matter if the key was mine or not anyway... But the day you came to the Japanese restaurant, I was still scared so I replaced the lock.”

“Did you wipe the dust on the windows?”

“Yes, I wanted you to think that the murderer entered and left the room from there.”

Chen Shi glanced at the report and said, “Why didn't you kill your boyfriend back then? Or, did you already do it?”

Gu Xiaoting shook her head. “That man was sentenced for intentional injury and is still in jail. I really wanted to wait until the day he was released from prison to finish him with my own hands! In recent years, I have worked hard to exercise and strengthen my body. The violence is based on the oppression of strength based on men versus women. Men have the strength to hurt women, so I think that if I become stronger than all men, no one can hurt me.”

“But violence cannot solve the problem, Little Gu!” Chen Shi sighed. “You are right. The foundation of this patriarchal society is that men are stronger and don’t have to bear the hardships of childbearing. Gender equality is the ultimate goal of civilization. Although it has not been realized, it’s at least much better than it used to be. The world of equality between men and women is neither from men being as weak as women nor women being as strong as men. It is from men learning to respect women and all opportunities being equal to both men and women. That isn’t achieved through violence, but by progress in our systems and society and through everyone's change.”

Gu Xiaoting smiled. “On that day, what I did is still meaningful to our current society! I hope that my situation will be published in the newspaper. At least to let those stubborn men know that bullying girls can potentially lead to death!”

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged glances. Lin Dongxue said, “I will find a way to contact a reliable newspaper outlet.”

“Thank you!”

Later, after finding out about this, Miss Jiang asked to see Gu Xiaoting and was willing to bear the cost of hiring a lawyer for her. The case began three months later. On the day of the trial, there were many people outside the court. Most of them were women who supported Gu Xiaoting.

Gu Xiaoting had a special identity. She was both a former victim and the perpetrator this time, which attracted attention from people of all walks of life. Netizens had been arguing about her sentencing in heated debates.

In the end, she was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

At the end of the

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