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Chen Shi said, “You don't need to go yet. Just wait until you have clear evidence.”

“That's right. A complete fingerprint was extracted from this fake key. If you have a suspect, you can compare it with this.”

The next job was to watch the surveillance video of that night. Everyone who came in and out of the community around 12:00 had to be carefully identified. This work was time-consuming and laborious. By 5:30 in the evening, Chen Shi said, “I should go. I need to pick Yueyue up.”

Lin Dongxue rubbed her slightly swollen temples. “We have to work overtime. We’ll tell you the result at the case discussion tomorrow morning.”

“Remember to rest.”

They busied themselves until 8:00 and everyone who left the community after the incident was identified in the video. They created simple photos and stuck it on the whiteboard. Xu Xiaodong said foolishly, “Do we have to question all of these people?”

“Pretty much!” Lin Dongxue looked over each face. Little Gu wasn’t among them. Originally, she doubted Little Gu a little, but for right now, she seemed innocent.

However, a face caught Lin Dongxue's attention. It turned out that it was Miss Jiang, who shouldn’t have been on the scene. The video records showed that she left the community at 12:20.

At the project meeting the next morning, everyone presented the clues found and organized them. The TV station and the online news crew were carefully confirmed to have no one leave before or after the case.

However,, as for those who called the TV station, the TV station said they would help the police investigate, but it seemed that they weren’t too concerned about it and never contacted the police.

On the online news side of things, the person who provided new clues was an anonymous number that contacted the editor’s cell phone and couldn’t be verified.

“It seems that the group of reporters is not within the scope of suspects.” Lin Dongxue concluded.

The police officers in charge of this angle were still reluctant to give up. “I think we should spend more manpower to verify their testimony.”

“Okay, but our team is quite small. Just hold off on the TV station for now. We have a lead. At 9:00 that night, Miss Jiang said she was unwell and went home to rest. However, in the surveillance video, she left at 12:20 again.”

There was a lot of discussion and some people speculated. “If you want to talk about the motive of the crime, Miss Jiang is full of motivation. You just said that the key she gave you was fake, indicating that the real key might still be in her hands. She also knows the environment better and possesses the conditions for committing the crime.”

“Call her today and ask!”

Chen Shi asked, “When did Miss Jiang enter the community?”

Lin Dongxue said, “I looked through the previous footage. She entered the community at half past eleven.”

Everyone was shocked. “It's completely within the crime committing time period!”

At this time, X

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