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Miss Dong continued, “I was so frightened when I woke up that morning. Can you guess how many missed calls I had?”

“How many?”

“More than five hundred!”

“That's too scary!”

“He was calling me on the cell phone all night without closing his eyes, and I didn’t even count the text messages. It was all ‘Answer my calls! Answer my calls’. My WeChat was all full of his messages as well. He said that for every hour I didn’t answer the phone, he would cut a stroke on his arm. He sent a picture every hour and made ten full strokes!”

“My God!” Lin Dongxue felt like she was enlightened.

“He's like this. When we argue, he won’t hit me or break things. Instead, he’ll harm himself! Have you ever seen someone who would take pliers and pull out his teeth to throw them at you? He can do this kind of thing. When we don’t argue, he said that he loved me too much and didn't know how to express it, so that was the only way for him. I forgave him many times, but I later understood that he couldn’t change himself. He’s a control freak!”

“Why are you with him then?”

“At first, he chased me very enthusiastically. It was like he would do anything for you. What girl wouldn’t be moved by that?”

“I think people who enthusiastically pursue people have a bit of extremity in their personality!”

“In addition, my family talked about how good his family background was and how good the conditions were. I wasn’t attracted to him at first, but I was gradually moved.”

“Let me ask you a question. Is your mother your biological mother?”

Miss Dong laughed. “Did my mother look like she wasn’t my biological one? She and my dad met years ago and they have been arguing for decades. They can quarrel over such trivial matters. The things my father likes, my mother doesn’t at all. She would find random things to argue about. My dad loves me a lot, so my mother hated me ever since I was a child, yelling and beating me.”

“The older generation feels that marriage is just like this and that other marriages aren’t happy either.”

“Yes, yes!” Miss Dong agreed. “External conditions and family backgrounds aren’t that big of a deal. If two people can get along with each other, that’s what’s important. But my family can never understand that. I once had a boyfriend I really liked before, but because his family background wasn’t that great, my mother advised me to break up with him. She even called a bunch of aunties to persuade me. I cried all night, and then finally broke up with him... Miss police officer, do you like anyone?”

“There is one!” Lin Dongxue flushed red at the thought of that person.

“Does your family interfere with that?”

“I'm an orphan. Sometimes I envy people who have parents, but compared to you, I actually feel lucky.”

“You are really lucky. I actually envy you.” Miss Dong sighed. “Since that night, he has said everywhere that I cheated on him. He has talked so much about it, turning white into black. Now, the wh

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