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Peng Sijue was startled. “How did you find him? Long'an is so big, I don't think it could have been an accident, right?”

Chen Shi told Peng Sijue about the three photos: “...The photo of 'me' in there was actually not me. Zhou Xiao wanted to uncover my false identity. At that time, Wang Daji was arrested for patronizing a prostitute, and I found him that way.”

“You’ve lied to everyone.”

“Aren't you also involved?” Chen Shi smiled.

“If Zhou Xiao wanted to uncover your identity, the best way was to let Wang Daji die. You wouldn’t have been able to explain it away, if his body were to show up at the bureau, even if you had a hundred mouths… But Wang Daji was killed by Hou Yue? Wait, Wang Daji had a suspicious burn on him. Do you think... “

“Zhou Xiao found him!”

Peng Sijue immediately ran out and Chen Shi got into his car as well. On the way back, Peng Sijue said, “Dongxue is a bit like Han Luoxi.”

“How so? One is a rookie and the other was the top student in the police academy.”

“I’m talking about her looks. Didn’t you always like this type? When you were in the academy, you liked to chase these type of girls.”

“Woo...” Chen Shi was speechless. Peng Sijue really understood him the most.

“I still remember once-”

“That's fine!” Chen Shi quickly stopped him, “Song Lang is someone from the past. Don't mention him again.”

The two arrived at the bureau and found that Tao Yueyue was actually doing her homework in Lin Dongxue's office. Lin Dongxue said, “I have to work overtime tonight, so I picked her up.”

“Any progress in the case?”

“We found something in Hou Yue’s computer...”

“Let's talk later. There’s something I have to do with Old Peng! ... Yueyue, I'll pick you up and bring you home later.”

Lin Dongxue suspected that she had heard wrong. Wasn't he very enthusiastic about the case before? Why did his interest suddenly change again?

Looking at the backs of the two people walking side by side, Lin Dongxue thought sourly, the two of them weren’t in a relationship, right?

At the morgue, Peng Sijue transported Wang Daji's body and belongings to the forensic laboratory with a cart. Looking at the dead Wang Daji under the shadowless flat lighting, Chen Shi said with emotion, “Brother, rest in peace. ”

“Actually, even if he wasn’t killed, he wouldn’t have lived long... Advanced kidney cancer.”

Chen Shi widened his eyes, and seemed to have realized something.

The two examined the burn on Wang Daji's body. Peng Sijue held a magnifying glass and said, “It was made shortly before death. At first, I thought it was some hot object that the killer had bumped into while moving the body.”

“This length is very close to that of the brand of shame!” Chen Shi concluded.

The two began to examine Wang Daji's body carefully, inspecting his nails and clothes. Finally, Peng Sijue discovered something in Wang Daji's soles. He looked at it with a microscope and said, “It looks like hu

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