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Lin Dongxue called the bureau and there were a few people still on duty. She asked them to send a police car over.

There weren’t any abnormalities in the living room. There was a window on the right side of the living room. This is where Mr. Ma was interviewed by the reporters. A large tank of goldfish was kept below and the bedroom was straight ahead. A black cat came out with a meow, scaring the people who were inside.

Lin Dongxue said, “Don't let it run away. There may be evidence on it.”

Xu Xiaodong coaxed the cat until he could pick it up.

Walking to the bedroom, Lin Dongxue took a breath and the cameraman behind her yelped, almost dropping the machine to the ground.

Mr. Ma was on the ground with blood all over his head. She knelt beside him to test his pulse and breathing. Both vital signs were gone. Lin Dongxue opened his eyelids and remarked, “The pupils are dilated. He’s already dead.”

There wasn’t a lot of blood on the ground. There were some splashes on the wall but the bed and surroundings were clean.

Lin Dongxue quickly left the bedroom and searched the kitchen, toilet, and even the large closet to determine that no one was hiding in the house. She was shocked. How did he get killed right under everyone’s noses when the window and doors were locked?

Xu Xiaodong held the cat and asked, “Is this really homicide?”

“It must be a homicide. Who could have posted the photo on Weibo?”

“I think there may be a daring netizen with lots of skills. They couldn’t stand him, so they killed him.”

“Don't talk nonsense!”

“But fortunately, this cat survived...” Xu Xiaodong went to play with the cat. “What's your name?”

After a while, the police car arrived at the scene, took pictures, took the body, and temporarily cordoned the scene. They would wait until the forensics came over tomorrow to obtain evidence, but the door lock was broken and someone had to stay and watch.

Luo Haifeng offered, “It happened in our area, so I will stay and watch the scene!”

Lin Dongxue said, “No, you drove a police car. You have to go back to hand the car over back to the station. Just let the criminal police handle this… By the way, the reporters haven’t left yet.”

Luo Haifeng said. “Thank you for your hard work then. I'll deal with reporters.”

“Remember to pay attention to your words.”

“I understand.”

Lin Dongxue told Xu Xiaodong to bring the cat home for one night and bring it to the bureau tomorrow. Xu Xiaodong said, “Are you going to be okay staying here at the scene?”

Lin Dongxue said, “It's not uncommon to stay up late!”

“I'll stay with you!”

“No need. Just go back to rest and come over early tomorrow... I’ll ask Chen Shi to accompany me.”

“Brother Chen is coming? Okay, I won’t be a light bulb then.”

Xu Xiaodong ran to drive his car over, parked beside the crime scene, and let Lin Dongxue stay in the car at night since it was warmer.

Then, he left with the cat.

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