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The original video file was too large, so Lin Dongxue only copied a few screenshots and left.

After coming out, Lin Dongxue said, “Judging by the killer's fastest speed, it would take at least ten minutes to kill the victim and leave the community. Those who left the community after 11:27 are all suspects.”

“Maybe you will find unexpected people in the video.”

“You mean…”

“It's getting late. I'll send you back to the office and then go and pick up Yueyue.”

Back in the bureau, Lin Dongxue watched the surveillance footage from the community again. At 11:30 that night, a figure riding a red motorcycle left the community.

“No way?”

She finally understood who Chen Shi was referring to. It turned out that he was also skeptical of the waitress at the Japanese restaurant.

Rewinding back, Little Gu entered the community at 11:15 and was at the scene completely within the time period that the crime was committed.

Lin Dongxue immediately called Chen Shi and said excitedly, “It's Little Gu, she went in and out of the community before and after the crime.”

Chen Shi seemed very calm. “This girl appeared within our sights twice and I was a little suspicious of her. I guess it can be confirmed now.”

“I’ll go find her now... I can't wait for tomorrow.”

“So impatient. Okay, I’ll be there right away.”

Half an hour later, Chen Shi drove in and brought Lin Dongxue a homemade bento. Lin Dongxue opened it, looked at it and said, “Your dinner from home?”

“Yeah, I was having dinner when I was called by you... I’ve already eaten!”

“Thank you! I’ll eat in the car.”

The two drove to the Japanese restaurant next to the community which was still open at this time. Little Gu wasn’t around. As soon as they entered the door, the waitress from the North-east bowed again and said, “Irasshai... Oh, it's the police officer!”

The head chef was very excited, mostly because he saw Lin Dongxue. He wiped his hands and came out from behind the counter. He said, “It’s getting late. Are you still investigating the case?”

Lin Dongxue asked, “Where is Little Gu?”

“Delivering food.”

The head chef asked the waitress to pour tea for the two of them, sat down, and asked, “Why do you want to find Little Gu? Do you want to understand the situation further? She just delivered food at noon that day.”

Chen Shi asked, “What time do you deliver until?”

“We say it’s 9:00 in the evening, but if there’s a customer who needs it, we’ll still deliver outside of these hours.”

“When did you stop delivering on April 16th?”

“April 16th? Oh, Wednesday? 10:00!”

“Little Gu has a red motorcycle. Is it her own?”

“Yes, she rides it away after work.”

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi exchanged glances and Chen Shi continued to ask, “Can you talk a bit more about Little Gu?”

“Is there any need to talk about Little Gu? She is a child with an introverted personality but she is very hardworking. She’s been here for three

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