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“Let me see!” Peng Sijue came over and checked. “Your statement is not very precise. You can only say that they’re not identical keys.”

“Take the lock and try it,” Chen Shi suggested.

“The keyhole is blocked by wire and cannot be restored... Unless the lock is sawed open in the middle.”

“Go ahead!” Chen Shi snapped his fingers.

“Are you a leader somewhere?!” Peng Sijue snapped at him.

Lin Dongxue said, “Captain Peng, can you check if this key corresponds to the lock?”

Peng Sijue then instructed his team to get tools to saw the lock apart.

At this time, Xu Xiaodong was carrying a cat bag and came in happily. He lowered the cat bag and opened it. The cat was very scared of strangers. When the cat saw them, the cat went into Xu Xiaodong's arms as he kept soothing it.

Lin Dongxue said, “You’re handling this cat quite well!”

“Of course. I’ve got a catnip body!” Xu Xiaodong said smugly. “Didn’t you say we needed to do some tests?”

Peng Sijue cut some of the hair around the cat as samples and then gave it a piece of glass to lick. The cat was indifferent and kept hugging into Xu Xiaodong's clothes. Peng Sijue changed it to a cotton swab and ordered the cat, “Open your mouth! “

“Captain Peng, you can't do it like that.”

“I need its saliva.”

Xu Xiaodong opened the cat's mouth and asked Peng Sijue to take some samples. Lin Dongxue saw the cat's mouth full of sharp teeth and dense pink barbs on his pink tongue, but Xu Xiaodong was not afraid.

Dogs are omnivores, but cats are authentic carnivores. It’s said that cats have not been domesticated properly even after millions of years. Lin Dongxue thought that it was incredible that such small carnivores existed around humans.

Peng Sijue went to conduct the test and Chen Shi said, “The victim's cell phone was licked by the cat and we also found a substance that may be the cat's favorite food. Do you have any ideas?”

“Is it sweet?” Xu Xiaodong asked.

Lin Dongxue smiled. “Sweet or salty? Do you think the lab technician would take a bite to try?”

Xu Xiaodong smiled and said, “I mean if it had a sweet fragrance, it might be a hairball remedy cream or nutrition cream. The hairball remedy cream is darker and oilier. Most of these are what cats love to eat... Brother Chen, don’t you also have a cat? You don’t know about this?”

“Yueyue takes care of the one at home and I don’t care about it at all. I only get rid of the poo on occasion.”

“Should we go to the crime scene to have a look?” Lin Dongxue suggested.

“No need to check. Just buy a hair cream and nutrition cream to compare.” Chen Shi said.

Xu Xiaodong said, “Brother Chen, please buy it at a pet store nearby. If I leave this cat, it would be scared to death.”

Chen Shi took a trip and came back and Peng Sijue said that the saliva really belonged to this cat. As far as he was concerned, the saliva of the cat was tested for the first time. Then, he compared the hair cream an

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