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A single day felt as long as a year staying in the detention cell. Last night, a drunk driver was shut up next door. He had fallen asleep after talking wildly for a while, and was released on bail by his boss early in the morning.

Chen Shi leaned on the wall all day with his eyes closed. In the evening, Lin Qiupu came again, holding what was obviously a DNA test report.

Chen Shi sighed, wondering how he was going to get through this.

“Why did you impersonate Chen Shi?” Lin Qiupu asked coldly.

“I was Chen Shi to begin with.” Chen Shi had no choice but to insist on his story.

The two looked at each other quietly for a minute. Lin Qiupu seemed to give up and handed over the DNA report through the gap between the railings. “I was just lying to you. It seems that you are really Chen Shi. Your parents' DNA and yours are a ninety-nine percent match. Captain Peng personally tested it.”

Chen Shi felt like the big rock on his chest had been lifted. He tried hard to restrain his joy and didn't reach out for the file. He said, “You will have to pay me for my mental and emotional losses.”

“Oh please. It’s in line with the regulations to detain you for 24 hours or less.” Lin Qiupu took out his cell phone. “The policeman who took the sample said that your father was ill and might not make it past the year. Do you need to give him a call?”

Chen Shi knew that Lin Qiupu didn’t believe him yet, so he took the cell phone, dialed a random number, and said in fluent dialect, “Dad, I'm Chen Shi...”

When Chen Shi finished the phone call, Lin Qiupu's suspicion had slowly diminished.

Chen Shi returned the mobile phone, “Was Hou Yue caught?”

“Yes. We found the tool for his crimes at his house, and found something on the computer, which is still being decrypted.”

“You’re fast.”

“I won't take your credit. It was you who paved the way first, and that’s why we were so quick.”

Chen Shi thought that if Hou Yue was not a cornered dog jumping over the wall, killing Wang Daji, and running away stupidly, he would not have been arrested so quickly.

But Hou Yue had actually managed to discover his own address. In a sense, Wang Daji had died for Chen Shi.

Chen Shi said, “I want to see that man's body.”

Lin Qiupu brought Chen Shi to the morgue and he saw Wang Daji's body. Chen Shi was a little sad at heart. He tried to say calmly, “He really does look like me.”

“He had two ID cards on him. One says ‘Chen Shi’, the other says ‘Wang Daji’... The latter ID is also fake, and we still can't figure out why he was trying to impersonate you. Who exactly is this guy? But we’ve already asked people to search the DNA database to see if this person had a prior conviction.”

Chen Shi widened his eyes slightly. If he did find a match, wouldn't this dead person become Song Lang? He had already guessed that Peng Sijue had swapped their blood samples.

“Couldn’t he have impersonated someone else? Why did he have to impersona

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