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Volume 19: Bottle Cap Murder

Early next morning, Chen Shi looked hurriedly for Peng Sijue. He was sitting at his desk in a daze with a cup of coffee in his hands. Chen Shi said, “Last night's message...”

Peng Sijue slowly put down the coffee and slapped the computer, saying, “The DNA left by Zhou Xiao did not match anyone in the database. I slightly loosened the matching parameters and found a close relative, a prisoner who had been executed due to the death penalty. A profile of a person named Wang Sunlei appeared on the computer. He had committed several counts of intentional homicide and was executed five years ago.”

Chen Shi stared at the face for a long time and said, “He was arrested by Song Lang himself. Wang Sunlei had injected cyanide into a certain brand’s beverage in a poisoning case, resulting in the death of more than a dozen people in Long’an. It was ruled an indiscriminate homicide case, but Song Lang believed that he had specific targets. Sure enough, after arresting him, they found out that who he had really wanted to kill were his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. The others were only collateral victims that obscured the police investigation.”

“I checked Wang Sunlei's information and found out that he had a younger brother named Wang Sunxu. When Wang Sunlei was arrested, Wang Sunxu was only twelve years old. As a relative of the murderer, he must have run into many obstacles in society and suffered social ostracization. It’s not surprising that he would go down the path of evil.”

“He’s Zhou Xiao?”

“You said that you thought that ‘Zhou Xiao’ was just a gang code. The DNA belongs to Wang Sunxu. He was the one who killed Wang Daji that day and is probably guilty of several other murders.”

Chen Shi muttered, “If you find him, you will be able to track down the whole gang and find the person who killed Han Luoxi that year! I’ll tell Captain Lin the news.”

“No need. I've notified him already and the kid is now being hunted across the city.”

The goal that was thought to be out of reach was suddenly close at hand. Chen Shi found it a little hard to believe. The name “Zhou Xiao” was a sickness in his heart. Can it really be cured this year?

He hoped so!

In the quiet office, only the sound of Peng Sijue slowly sipping coffee could be heard. Chen Shi asked, “Are you free this afternoon?”

“How could I be free?”

“Tonight then. Don't work overtime tonight. I'll take you to a place.”

“Is it important?”

“It's quite important to you.”

Lin Dongxue still had to deal with the follow-up work on a case today. Chen Shi was still the same. When the case was solved, he just left and continued with his taxi services. Lately, he had been investigating cases frequently so driving had become a form of relaxation instead. Customers get into the car, choose their destinations, and he sends them there. It's like completing a small simple mission. Psychologically speaking, people will derive fun f

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