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The “that” that Lin Dongxue referred to was some confidential information found in Hou Yue’s computer. It seemed like the president had given him a lot of money to “recognize” the work that he did and as a fee to seal his mouth.

So several people who knew the secret were dead, and Hou Yue was still alive.

The information in the computer was set to be sent to several newspapers if anything happened to him. Fortunately, the police discovered it in time and cancelled the timed sending.

The content was the detailed profit statements of Yuhua Company over the past ten years, as well as a set of algorithms to calculate costs and profits. Except for some differences in details, it was roughly the same as Chen Shi’s guess. Yuhua Company had killed people with toxic ingredients and treated the lives lost as controllable losses.

Everyone in the office saw this information.

“It's terrible!” Lin Qiupu said, “If this thing really falls into the hands of the newspapers, it will cause a large amount of social panic. I think we should ask the Chief about this! But based on this evidence alone, the senior management of Yuhua Company shouldn’t be able to escape. I have another question. What's going on with the dead 'fake Chen Shi'?”

“From the autopsy report, he should be one of the victims,” Peng Sijue said. “Maybe he had been killed in order to silence him because he had taken some measures to find out about this secret.”

“No, the person Hou Yue wanted to kill was me!” Chen Shi pointed to himself.

“Then he killed someone who looks exactly like you? Isn’t that too coincidental?” Lin Qiupu looked at Chen Shi with a little suspicion.

“Some things just happen to be impossible to explain.”

Lin Qiupu was still not convinced, but after all, the DNA test results were proof. He said, “I'll contact the Drug Administration, Economics Police Department and ask the Chief to arrest these scums.”

Lin Dongxue asked suddenly, “Brother, after asking the Chief, will this be made public?”

“In all likelihood, no. How can such a matter be made public? Do you know how many people in the country are using Yuhua's medicine? It would be very troublesome to cause widespread panic.”

“Behind the panic, it was Yuhua Company who did such an inconceivable act. You can't just treat the symptoms but not the root causes. The people have the right to know.”

“You can express your opinions once you become Chief! Don't look...” Lin Qiupu shut down the computer. “What should I do? There’s so much follow-up work! Old Chen, this case was yours to begin with. You come and help too.”

“Thank you for this.” Chen Shi said.

“You're welcome.”

After Lin Qiupu left, Lin Dongxue still felt conflicted. “I really don't want to see this kind of serious issue reduced to something small, and then again to nothingness. In the end, nobody would know, as if it had never happened.”

“Considering Captain Lin’s position, he has to think carefully.” Pen

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