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Lin Dongxue made an internal call and asked someone to bring in a computer and play the surveillance video from that night. At about half past ten, a man entered the community. Miss Jiang pointed at the screen and said, “That’s him!”

Then, they fast forwarded the video. At 12:19, Miss Jiang identified the man who had left the community right before her.

Lin Dongxue asked, “Did he ever leave your sight when he and you were in the community?”

“No, I promise.”

“But he came first.”

“He won't kill people. He really won't. He is a very kind boy and has never been in conflict with anyone. If it weren't for me, he wouldn't be like that.”

“What were you doing in the neighborhood?”

“We just talked. I persuaded him the whole time. In fact, I was still very worried about my cat, but I told him that if the cat’s gone, then the cat’s gone. However, he mustn’t do impulsive things. I would rather not have the house, as I just wanted him to be well so that I could be together with him.”

Lin Dongxue knew that even if the boy went to the community, it was impossible for him to kill the victim because at 11:10, Mr. Ma was still alive.

Lin Dongxue said, “I want his contact information and name and I will check his testimony later.”

“Officer Lin, I assure you that he wouldn’t kill anyone...”

“Don't worry, we won't criminalize good people. When the truth is found, you’ll be the first person I inform.”

“Thank you!”

After Miss Jiang wrote down the contact information, Lin Dongxue asked again, “One more thing. That key, when was the last time you used it to open the door?”

“Two days ago. I don't know why it couldn't open the door. Did you try it already?”

Lin Dongxue got ready to send Miss Jiang away but found Peng Sijue and another person in a long white coat standing in the corridor. Peng Sijue asked, “Miss Jiang, did your cat catch the cat-scratch disease?”

“I don't know.” Miss Jiang looked blank.

“What's wrong, Captain Peng?” Lin Dongxue asked.

“It may be an important discovery... Miss Jiang, can you bring your cat and have the veterinarian check it?”

Seeing Miss Jiang being hesitant, Lin Dongxue offered, “How about this? The veterinarian and I will go to your house to check.”

Chen Shi stood up and said, “I'll drive.”

When the four got to Miss Jiang's residence, it was actually her boyfriend's house. Lin Dongxue found that the place was chaotic but the layout was very warm, unlike the place where Ma lived, which was spotless but had a sense of depression and control.

On the table, there were photos of Miss Jiang and him. Miss Jiang was obviously younger. She said, “This was taken back then but he actually kept them. I’m very moved.”

“He seems to love you very much.”

Miss Jiang glanced at Chen Shi standing at the door and whispered to Lin Dongxue, “Is that police officer your boyfriend?”

“Ah... This...”

“I noticed that you two always inadvertently made eye contact.

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