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Lin Dongxue's face turned red to the tips of her ears and she covered her face with her hands. Chen Shi pulled the car door open from the other side. Lin Dongxue saw a bag of things in his hand as Chen Shi said, “I bought breakfast for you.”

Lin Dongxue still refused to take her hands away from her face. He was just so close to me just then. He must have heard it. He definitely heard it.

She felt very embarrassed that her true thoughts were revealed.

“Would you like to have some preserved egg and lean pork congee?” Chen Shi opened a box.


Chen Shi spooned some of the food up and reached out to her mouth. “Open your mouth.”

Lin Dongxue opened her mouth and swallowed.

Chen Shi fed spoonful after spoonful of preserved egg and lean pork congee to her and then wiped a little bit off the corner of her mouth with his thumb. Lin Dongxue saw him suck his thumb between the fingers that still covered her face.

“Do you look like a policeman right now?”

“That’s none of your business!” Lin Dongxue opened the hands covering her face like a door and closed them again.

“Who owns this coat? It’s a uniform as well?”

Lin Dongxue dropped her hands down but her face was still burning hot. She said, “There was a local policeman with me yesterday. No, it was me with him actually.”

“It looks like this guy cares about you.” Chen Shi noticed the leftover fast food packaging in the car.

“I... I don’t care about that...”

“Would you like to get out of the car and walk after staying in here the whole night?”

Lin Dongxue nodded silently.

After getting out of the car, Chen Shi accompanied Lin Dongxue to walk around the unit building. Lin Dongxue roughly briefed him on the case and Chen Shi nodded while listening. “A murder in a locked room!”

“Yeah, do you think it's possible?”

“Every locked room murder is either a suicide or a fake locked room.”

“Then do you think you can solve it?”

“The weirder a case is, the easier it is to solve. On the contrary, the cleanest cases are the trickiest. I see no problem with this.”

“Shall we go to the scene to take a look?”

“Wait for Old Peng to come!” Chen Shi stopped outside the window of the crime scene and looked up.

Lin Dongxue thought, Did he not hear the phrase “I miss you” just now? Maybe he heard it, but is pretending to be stupid?

The uncle was indeed a crafty creature. When she thought of that, she got a bit angry and reached out to prepare to punch Chen Shi.

Chen Shi suddenly turned around and Lin Dongxue immediately pulled her fist behind her back. Chen Shi said, “Don't be so stupid in the future, staying up all night and watching the scene alone. What if the killer was nearby? Could you handle them by yourself? Remember to call me next time.”

“I think... You're not a policeman and don't need to suffer this hardship.”

“You think, you think. You didn’t even tell me about it and guessed my thoughts out of thin air? Maybe

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