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Gu Xiaoting stared nervously at Chen Shi without talking.

Others in the store noticed that the atmosphere wasn't quite right, so they stopped what they were doing to look at them.

Chen Shi repeated the question and Gu Xiaoting remained silent. Lin Dongxue said, "Miss Gu, come back with us!" When she said this, she was ready to take out her handcuffs.

At that moment, Gu Xiaoting flipped the table over suddenly and the sauces on the table all broke. Lin Dongxue screamed in horror, but at the critical moment, a strong arm blocked the table.

Chen Shi blocked the table for her with one hand. He pushed away the table that was pressed on the two of them and said, "Chase after her!"

The two chased outwards. Gu Xiaoting was speeding away on a motorcycle. When she was chased into an alley Gu Xiaoting's motorcycle rolled over because of the speed. She got up and drove away into the alley.

Chen Shi rushed ahead, the the wind blowing noisily passed his ears due to his speed. He couldn’t see the road in front. Gu Xiaoting continued to rush ahead like a red shadow right through the middle of traffic. The harsh braking and sounds of collision were endless.

When Chen Shi rushed onto the street, a car that braked suddenly knocked him to the ground. Chen Shi felt half of his body becoming numb, but worse than that, a car in the right lane that was full of cargo was still driving forward. The oncoming truck continued forward and desperately honked as he wouldn’t be able to brake in time.

Chen Shi's miserable face was illuminated by snow-white lights. At this moment, he was pulled back by a hand. The moment he was pulled to the side, the truck drove past like the wind.

What was most unbelievable was that it was Gu Xiaoting who rescued him. Chen Shi hesitated for only half a second, then grabbed Gu Xiaoting's arm. He felt as if he was taking revenge on his own savior, but he couldn’t help it.

Just now, Lin Dongxue saw the complete scene and tears rolled from her eyes in fear. However, she did not forget her duty as a police officer and handcuffed Gu Xiaoting after crossing the road.

Chen Shi said, "Thank you!" to Gu Xiaoting

Gu Xiaoting glanced at him silently.

There were several cars rear-ending each other on the road, but fortunately, no one was injured. For the time being, they were handed over to the traffic police. The two of them took Gu Xiaoting back to the office.

Along the way, no matter how much Chen Shi talked, Lin Dongxue didn't open her mouth. She kept biting her lips and holding back the tears in her eyes. In order to prevent Chen Shi from seeing, her face kept looking out the window.

Half an hour later, Gu Xiaoting was taken to the Public Security Bureau and was sent to the interrogation room. Lin Dongxue's dissatisfaction finally broke out. She punched Chen Shi's chest and cried, "Asshole, you don't know how scared I was just now. Why did you try so hard? You’re not a policeman, so even if y

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