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Chen Shi said, “You mean Miss Jiang ate here?”

“Yeah, do you know the female police officer?”

“Yes, she’s in charge of this case.”

The head chef said foolishly, “No way, right? Can you tell her I have a clue?!”

“What clue do you have?”

“I heard what she said to that woman last night!” The chef said seriously.

Chen Shi smiled. “Wouldn’t she know the contents of that conversation better than you?”

“That’s true...” The chef sulked as he continued to make sushi.

Chen Shi called Peng Sijue and asked if the victim's mobile phone was turned on yet. Peng Sijue said, “It's on. It was all full of the messages he sent to Miss Jiang and the phone calls he made.”

“Look at recent contacts. Is there this number...” Chen Shi read the takeaway phone number on the wall out to him.

Later, Peng Sijue replied, “Yes, he called them around noon.”

“Thank you. Don't eat yet. I'll invite you to eat Japanese food later.”

Chen Shi hung up the phone and said, “In fact, you can provide some clues.”

“Really?” The head chef was very excited.

“The victim ordered takeaways from here yesterday at noon. Do you have any impression of this?”

“I don’t, but Little Gu probably knows about it.”

“Who is Little Gu?”

“It's the other waitress. She's in charge of delivering the food as well. She’s very tall. If we used the words from the Internet, she counts as a manly gal.”

The waitress reminded, “Don't say that in front of Little Gu or she’ll tell you off again.”

The head chef laughed. “We’re just talking about it in private!”

Chen Shi asked, “Where is she?”

“Still delivering food. She should be back in a while... Officer, the victim ordered our takeaway? Can we get on the news?”

“Maybe!” Chen Shi smiled.

The head chef was very happy. “This is great. Our little old shop can go on the news? I’ll give you more salmon sushi then!”

“Thank you!”

After a while, the head chef said that Little Gu was back. Chen Shi turned his head and saw a bulky girl riding a red electric motorcycle and wearing a red helmet stop at the door. She walked into the store and took a big mouthful of water, then wiped her mouth with her hand.

The head chef coughed. “Little Gu, this is a police officer. He has something to ask you.”

“Yesterday at noon, did you deliver a meal to the victim, Ma Jianjun?”

Little Gu squinted but said nothing.

“It's Room 102 in the third block.”

Little Gu shook her head.

“His cell phone has this store’s number on it. He called in at noon yesterday.”

Little Gu still shook her head and the chef translated, “Little Gu wants to say that she doesn't remember. We deliver dozens of orders a day, so it’s impossible to remember... Officer, Little Gu is very introverted and doesn’t like to speak.

Chen Shi pulled out his mobile phone and pulled up a photo of the victim. “Do you have an impression of this man?”

Little Gu nodded.

“When you saw him at noon, was there

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