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The two walked into the empty warehouse and Chen Shi told him what happened there that year. Three years later, the scars in their hearts had already scabbed over, but touching them again would still cause faint pain.

Peng Sijue asked a key question, “Han Luoxi's gun has a maximum of 8 bullets. How many shots did you hear before entering the warehouse?”

“More than three shots. There is a lot of echo here, so I couldn’t hear clearly.”

“Do you know what was written in the case file?”

Chen Shi, who had not seen the police file, shook his head, and Peng Sijue continued, “When Han Luoxi's gun was found, it was empty. Only Han’s and your fingerprints were on it. In addition, it was stained with the blood of Li Mu and Han Luoxi. Five bullets were found at the scene. Han Luoxi had two in her body and Li Mu had one in his forehead. From the rifling marks, all the bullets were shown to have been shot from Han Luoxi’s gun.”

“I shot Zhou Xiao once with my own hands. It stands to reason that there should only be four bullets at the scene. Did Zhou Xiao get a police bullet using his own means?”

“Are you sure he has this capability? Police bullets are hard to come by, and even if they can source them, they would have left clues.”

“Old Peng, what anomalies did you find during the autopsy?”

“Li Mu had Han Luoxi's blood on him and Han Luoxi had Li Mu's blood on her, but Li Mu's time of death was about three hours earlier, and someone seems to have tampered with Li Mu's forehead wound.”

Chen Shi walked back and forth in the warehouse, reimagining the scene from that year, and muttered to himself, “What was going on with the extra bullet?”

“If Zhou Xiao had intentionally framed you, why should he leave you a bullet?”

“I think he made a mistake. Type 64 police issue pistols can hold seven rounds of bullets, but Han Luoxi always keeps one in the barrel of the gun, so the number of bullets she had is 7 + 1. At that time, I heard gunshots and ran inside. Zhou Xiao didn't have much time to check and had hurriedly unloaded the magazine but he didn’t expect that there was still one in the barrel.”

“When you fired at him, was the gun lighter than usual? Did he look shocked?”

Chen Shi shook his head. “I can't remember. I suffered a lot of shock at the time and these details are now blurry to me... But I couldn’t have shot Han Luoxi and Li Mu anyway.”

“Let’s recreate the scene!” Peng Sijue proposed.

The two recreated the scene at that time. Peng Sijue stood in Zhou Xiao's position, and Chen Shi stood in Song Lang's position. He remembered that he was kneeling beside Han Luoxi's body. His body was covered with Han Luoxi's blood.

Peng Sijue suddenly had an idea, “It’s said that when the Italian mafia frames the police, they would dig out the bullet from the deceased, and put a policeman's bullet into the wound... I am thinking that there was actually no additional bullet. The one in Li Mu’s head might have been t

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