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Chen Shi walked around thinking as he looked around the scene, reproducing the scene in his mind. He suddenly asked, “Why did he spray water at the reporters?”

“To drive them away. Why else?” Lin Dongxue said.

“What did he use to spray them?”

“It should be the water pipe next to the fish tank.”

“Where were you then? Did you leave the window?”

“Of course! I wasn't splashed but out of instinct, I was afraid he would spray water again, so I walked away.”

“How long were you away for?”

“About ten minutes. I asked the reporters if their machines were broken.”

“What were Xu Xiaodong and Officer Luo doing?”

“Police Officer Luo was also asking about the reporter's situation, Xu Xiaodong... I don't want to bother talking about him. He stared at the female reporter's wet chest the whole time.”

“So the entrance to the unit building was vacant at that time and hardly anyone would have noticed anything. Everyone was busy dealing with the unexpected situation?” Chen Shi's tone showed excitement.

Lin Dongxue looked towards the entrance of the unit building in surprise and there were flower beds on both sides of the entrance. Peng Sijue noticed this as well and brought the ultraviolet lamp over. He said, “There are footprints here!”

“The footprints are a bit weird. The focus is on the toes. The man walked away as they crouched.”

“No way!” Lin Dongxue was shocked. “You mean to say...”

“Yes!” Chen Shi nodded slightly. “The water was sprayed by the murderer. The victim scolded the reporter across the window and got killed when he went to the bedroom. The murderer who had been hiding there then took the water pipe and sprayed water on them. When you all ran away, they escaped.”

Lin Dongxue covered her mouth in surprise. “Is there such a bold killer?”

“Bold and careful.”

Peng Sijue thought about something and went to the scene with his tool box. Chen Shi said, “In fact, it can be proved. At that time, the reporter's machine was on. There should be a shadow of the murderer.”

“Yes, why didn't I think of it?!”

Peng Sijue said through the window, “Come in.”

When the two entered the scene, Peng Sijue was taking fingerprints from the water pipe. He said, “The fingerprints seem to only belong to the male owner... But this water pipe should be immersed in the fish tank year round and covered with moss. However, one end of the moss is wiped away. There are no fingerprints on it at all either.”

Chen Shi continued along his line of thought. “The murderer was wearing gloves, so he wiped off the moss without leaving fingerprints.”

Lin Dongxue was speechless with respect and asked Chen Shi, “How did you think of that?”

Chen Shi smiled. “Thinking from a different angle. If I were a murderer, how would I escape the scene?”

Lin Dongxue pouted unacceptingly.

Peng Sijue stared at the fish tank in a daze and finally took some water from the fish tank.

Peng Sijue went straight back to

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