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Looking back at Attorney Bai's bright spirit, Lin Dongxue said in disgust, “It's absolutely shameless. Brother, take a look at the Internet. Intermittent psychosis, dual personality, and hot pot additives containing aphrodisiac ingredients were some of the reasons he made up to acquit his clients? It's shameless to make up such reasons.”

“Well, don't always be so emotional when investigating the cases. There are quite a few people scolding him online, right? It's 10:00 now. I'll meet with Li Min. Will you come?”

“I'll stay with Chen Shi.”

Seeing his sister say this sentence so naturally, Lin Qiupu’s heart stopped for a moment. After all, his sister would eventually grow up one day and be taken away by another man. He said, “Be careful when you go back in his car at night...”

“He's not a bad guy. Besides, can't I protect myself?” Lin Dongxue waved her hand before heading upstairs.

Lin Qiupu was struggling with this all the way over to Li Min's house. He stood in front of the door to sort out his mood and appearance before he knocked on the door three times. Li Min was a thin, middle-aged man. He asked, “Police?”

“How did you know?” Lin Qiupu asked since he didn’t wear a police uniform.

“Zheng Guohao was killed, right? He still owes me a million yuan. I have an IOU here. Will his property be paid to me after the auction?”

“How do you know...” Lin Qiupu seemed to understand and queried, “Attorney Bai told you?”

“Yeah, he just called me and said that you suspected that I did it. He also said that if I was sued, his law firm could take up the case, but he would take a recommendation fee for it.”

“What nonsense!” Lin Qiupu's nostrils flared in anger. “Who allowed him to disclose the progress of the investigation? I’ll make him bear legal responsibility!”

“Officer, are you really suspecting that I did it? I was working in the supermarket at 1:00 in the afternoon!” Attorney Bai seemed to have told him everything.

“We are still investigating this. We aren’t suspecting anyone at the moment. I just wanted to know about the situation from you...” Lin Qiupu saw a girl in the room poking her head out from the bedroom door. “Is anyone at home?”

“My daughter.”

“Then, let's talk somewhere else.”

Li Min put on a brown coat and followed Lin Qiupu out. The two sat down at a nearby luosifen stall. Li Min handed a cigarette over to him, but Lin Qiupu reached out to decline. Lin Qiupu began to ask, “What kind of occupation do you have? Also, how did you meet Zheng Guohao?“

“Ugh, don't mention it. How did I come to know that animal?! I’m a supermarket supervisor. It’s that big supermarket in front of us. I recently planned to get the retailing rights of Zheng Guohao's beef jerky and sell it in the supermarket and earn a little extra money, so I asked Zheng Guohao... No, this bastard Zheng. That day, I brought my daughter Tingting and some colleagues along with their families to dinner with him to talk abo

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