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Chen Shi glanced at Wang Haitao in surprise and said over the phone, “Sister, this is against the law. We can't help with that.”

“No, no, I don't mean that I wish to ask you to get it... I just want to know if anyone can get the university entrance exam papers in advance?”

Chen Shi suddenly remembered that the university entrance examinations were being held the next day. He asked, “Your child is in the third year?”


“Sister, have you been deceived? Did someone tell you that they can get you the entrance exam papers?”

“I... I don't know. I’ve paid 20,000, but I haven't seen the exam papers yet. I suspect that... My son's grades aren’t good. He might not even get into a third rate university. It was like I was possessed and actually believed in it.”

“Can't the scammers be contacted anymore?”

“No, I can reach them. They said that they will get the papers tonight, but there’s a condition...”

Chen Shi thought that he understood. The scammers still had an ace up their sleeves. He felt that he could take this case. The client didn't dare to report it to the police and had nowhere that she could turn to. He said, “Sister, don't worry. Why don’t you come in for a chat? If we can help you, we definitely will!”

“Thank you, I will be there this afternoon.”

“We’ll wait for you.”

Hanging up the phone, Wang Haitao said, “Look, we got one.”

“This is just pure luck. We won’t be able to get this kind of case every day. Let's see what the lady says when she comes over in the afternoon!”

After lunch, a woman in her forties walked into the agency at two o'clock. She looked around and saw that the environment wasn’t too bad. Her hesitant expression more or less went away.

Chen Shi poured her a cup of tea and invited her to sit down. “How should we address you?”

“My surname’s Chen.”

“We must be distant relatives since we have the same surname. Let's talk about the situation first!”

Sister Chen sighed and began to recount how her son Little Lei was in his senior year at his high school. He had always had poor grades. He bought all the tutorial books, entrance examination lectures, and even brain enhancement supplements, but he was always at the bottom in the mock exams and her son was very frustrated.

A week ago, Little Han's mother in the parents’ chat group suddenly revealed a piece of news. She knew a person that claimed that they could get the entrance exam papers in advance. Although this kind of news didn’t seem reliable, temptation caused her to lose her head. The parents of several children, including Sister Chen, were convinced, so Little Han's mother set up a meeting with the mysterious character in a hotel as the middleman.

The person referred to himself as “Teacher Gao” and had an elegant aura. He claimed to be the former teacher of a certain prestigious school and to have participated in creating several exam questions. He claimed to know the entire process well and that he

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