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Xu Xiaodong called and said, "Brother Chen, the situation is urgent. My identity was exposed. I caught Teacher Gao but... a few associates have escaped, and I’m afraid they’ll inform the others."

"Who would they inform?"

"They divided the thirty or so candidates into three batches and took them to three different places."

"Tell me your location."

"Their colleagues drove south, and now we’re safe in an abandoned warehouse. I'll send you the GPS location using WeChat."

After getting the address, everyone immediately started to check the surveillance in that direction. kk suddenly jumped from the sofa and said, "I found it! I found it! There’s a van next to Xikang Road, which just took away a group of children and is now travelling south."

"Damn, they’re moving the candidates. Try to stop them." Chen Shi said.

Lin Dongxue said, "Should I contact the local police?"

kk laughed, "The police are as slow as snails. I’ll chase after them on a motorcycle. Leave this batch to me."

Sun Zhen said, "I found something interesting. There seems to be a traitor within the parent group."

"Let’s talk about that later!" Chen Shi looked at the time. It was already ten o’clock and searching the vast suburbs would be too slow. Besides, if the candidates didn’t get to sleep tonight, how would they take the entrance examination tomorrow? "Dongxue, let's pick up Xiaodong and take Teacher Gao back with us. Let’s see if we can pry open his mouth."

The three went downstairs and kk rode off on a motorcycle with great speed. Chen Shi made two calls while he drove off. One was to Gu You and the other was to call up his driver friends. Otherwise, there was no way he could pick up so many students with his small car.

On Xu Xiaodong's side, Teacher Gao and the bearded man were tied up by him and the candidates. The two sat on the ground and had completely lost their arrogance. The candidates crowded around Xu Xiaodong and exclaimed, "Police Elder Brother, you’re amazing!", "When did you find out that they were scammers?", "My mother wouldn’t be arrested too, right?"

Xu Xiaodong said, "Everyone, quiet down. Both you and your parents are victims and won’t be held accountable. Please be rest assured on this. Someone will pick you up later on. Please go home and rest so that you can take the exam tomorrow in good condition."

When the exams were mentioned, many candidates became depressed again. Their gleam of hope had been annihilated, but this experience had taught them that one couldn’t take shortcuts in this world.

Li Mengran pulled Xu Xiaodong's arm and shook it, saying, "I did say that you didn't look like a high school student! How old are you?"

"Born after the year 2000." Xu Xiaodong smiled.

"Tch, I don't believe it. At most, you were born after 1990... May I ask you for your QQ number?"

"Uh... Okay!"

Later, Chen Shi and the others arrived. Chen Shi asked his driver friends to take the candidates back

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